Of course you
love ‘em,
but all those accidents…oy vey!


The famous last word of my 11-year-old son, D. It’s what he said:

  • after he dropped my phone (shattered the glass, of course)
  • when he set his iPod down somewhere in the grocery store (we never did find it)
  • and of course that time he made an entire packet of vegetable protein powder explode all over the kitchen (think of the atomic bomb cloud in an earthy green tone…and then throw that across counters, cupboards, backsplash, and floors).

The minute I hear him utter “oops”, I know I need to take a deep breath and accept whatever has just happened. Something will have been ruined, broken, or lost.

But before we get into all that, let me rewind a bit and tell you about him.

Three words describe my son: adventurous, curious…and klutzy.

The first two traits: I love, love, love those things about him. They’re what makes my D the person he is. His curiosity and sense of adventure are guide him. Those two traits let him hold the world in his hand, and almost nothing holds him back.

They’re the things that make my son so, so cool.

But then there’s the third trait: he’s kinda klutzy. Ok, not kinda, he is klutzy. And truth be told, by no fault of his own. It runs in the family. There was a sound reason why his grandmother kept the ‘good sofas’ covered in plastic. But those other family klutzes aren’t a part of my everyday life: only D is. And he’s the person I’m in charge of raising and rearing.

Here’s the real catch: I want to have nice things.

But I want my son to be free to curious, creative and adventurous.

Does being a parent really mean saying goodbye to:

  • Dreams of owning a sports car
  • Smudgeless windows (have you ever tried to keep up with an 11 year old’s sticky fingers?)
  • Black granite counter tops
  • Nice glassware?

Having lived through spills, breaks, holes, lost items, and pretty much every accident you can think of (and some you would NEVER think of!), this seems like an impossible task!

And for some things it is.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that my dream of having a glass kitchen table will have to be on hold for the next ten years…but what about life’s simple pleasures…like owning beautiful glassware?

After seeing my favorite glasses shatter into a million pieces on the tile floor, I assumed nice glasses were of the question.

I was wrong.

Being a parent isn’t the end of owning all things nice!!

I happened to meet a friend on the same day my son broke one of our crystal glasses.

“I’ll have to switch to those tacky, brightly-colored plastic cups,” I told her.

“Ew, no,” she said, “Just get TaZa glasses.”

That’s when I learned crystal-clear glasses that don’t break really do exist!

There are loads of plastic cups in the market, but here’s what I found:

  • Many plastic glasses are BPA-free, but aren’t EA-free. This means they still contain chemicals that interact with hormones. I don’t want that for my children.
  • Many plastic glasses are foggy or just don’t have the brilliance and clarity of real glass like TaZa glasses do.
  • Not all plastic glasses are dishwasher safe – can you imagine having to handwash plastic glasses? Neither can I!
  • Some plastic glasses just have that plastic-y taste that definitely doesn’t go well with most beverages.

TaZa glasses, however… now that’s a different story!

TaZa glasses are:

  • BPA-free and EA-free –that means no hormone-altering business here!
  • Crystal-clear – so they look great on my counter.
  • Dishwasher safe – for easy cleanup.
  • Tasteless – (the way a glass should be!)

They aren’t called TaZa drama-free glasses for nothing!

Drop, kick, knock or spill
but never break a TaZa glass.

TaZa glasses can withstand just about every one of your child’s accidents, experiments and ideas. And they look like real glass!

TaZa unbreakable glasses are perfect for every occasion and every location:

  • By the pool: Kids stay hydrated without any chance of broken glass getting in the water
  • After school snacks: Put the backpack down and grab a quick drink!
  • Dinner with guests: Let the kids use the fancy glasses because the fancy glasses are unbreakable!
  • Any time you’d use a glass, use a TaZa unbreakable glass!

I’ve stocked my cupboard full of TaZa unbreakable glasses.
Now I never worry about D breaking a glass…and I get to feel good about using nice, adult-like glasses. Now that’s what I call a win-win!

Buy TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses for Your Parenting Enjoyment


Kid and Dog Proof. Finally!

They have been completely safe getting knocked off of the counter. There wasn’t even a scratch after falling straight to the floor. So excited!

Now we can drink wine and not worry!

YES! The perfect “glass”! We often have cocktails in the driveway and now I have glasses that look nice and won’t break.

Great mix of elegance and practicality.

Great for kids. We’ve had these glasses for 6 months and are very happy with them.

Whether you have a need for speed or you’re just chilling in the middle of the water, TaZa unbreakable wineglasses are ready for your next boating adventure. You can toss, drop, kick, or knock a TaZa wineglass and you’ll still never see a shard of glass aboard!

Unbreakable wineglasses are the best investment you can make for your boating days!

Keep things classy with crystal clear, TaZa unbreakable wineglasses.

With TaZa, the only time you’ll have to worry about broken glass is when you break that bottle of champagne across the boat during the naming ceremony!

Buy TaZa Unbreakable Wine Glasses for Your Parenting Enjoyment