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Wine Etiquette for the Casual Wine Drinker

Wine drinking “the right way” is a bit of an art. But don’t be intimidated by all the dos and don’ts of wine etiquette. You can easily drink wine with the best of ‘em! Consider this a crash course designed to help you master the basics of wine etiquette.

Wine Etiquette the Easy Way!

You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to master some simple wine etiquette tips. Remember: looking like a pro is half the battle – and we’re here to help! Here are a few that every wine drinker should keep in mind.

wine etiquette how to hold a glass

How you hold your wine glass says a lot about your wine etiquette.

1. Hold your wine glass the right way.

When you’re using a stemmed wine glass, hold it near the base or the bottom of the stem. If you’re using a stemless wineglass, the easiest way is by keeping your hand near the base of the glass. Some people prefer to keep a pinky finger under the base, letting the glass almost rest on it.

2. Serve your wine at the right temperature.

Serving wine at the right temperature is a wine etiquette must! Not all wines are to be served at the same temperature – so make sure you have the right temp for the right wine.

right temperature for wine red white sherry port rose

3. Know which wines need oxidizing and which do not.

Some wines need to “breathe” to reach their full potential. Basically, this means the bottle should be opened some time before the wine is actually drank. It’s not that difficult: red needs to oxidize, therefore should be opened 30 minutes – 1 hour before you drink it. White, however, does not, so open the bottle only when you’re ready to drink.

4. Get the right pour.

The amount of wine to pour in a glass actually depends on the wine type and wine glass. Here’s a pretty standard guide for a regular 6oz pour:

White wine glass: just above half

Standard 12oz wine glass: halfway full

Bold red 20oz wine glass: at about the 1/3 full

Light red wine in a 22oz red wine glass: at about the 1/4 full

Sparkling wine in a champagne flute: about 3/4 full

wine etiquette how to hold a bottle

This is the right way to hold a wine bottle when pouring.

5. Hold the bottle at the bottom.

Don’t wrap your fingers around the neck of the bottle; your pinky should be right at the base of the bottle when you pour.

These are some basic wine etiquette tips that can help you look and feel fancy and sophisticated while drinking wine. Have any other wine etiquette musts to share? Tweet at us or drop us a message on Facebook.