which wine glass for which wine

Which wine glass for which wine?! We break it down for you!

Once you start shopping for wine glasses, you’ll quickly see there are so many different wine glasses out there, so how do you know which wine glass for which wine? Does it even matter? We’re here to help you find out which wine glass is right for which wine – and that will help you enjoy each glass to the fullest (and not to mention, make you look pretty wine savvy!).

Which wine glass for which wine – does it matter?

You’ll quickly notice that when it comes to wine glasses, there are tons of different styles on the market. The main reason for this is to enhance the overall wine drinking experience.

which wine glass for which wine

With so many styles, how do you know which wine glass is best for which wine?!

Red vs White

Though both red and white wines have a large spectrum ranging from light to full-bodied, the two main categories to consider when thinking about wine glasses are red vs. white.

Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses will normally have a bigger bowl and be taller. This gives the wine space to “breathe” so that all the flavors come out.

White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses will not have as wide of a bowl and probably won’t be as tall as red wine glasses. This is because they don’t need as much space to breathe.

Check it Out!

The video below gives a more in-depth look at the art of choosing the right wine glass based on the type of wine you are drinking. It gives recommendations for light-bodied, full-bodied, reds, whites, sparkling wine and more.

Functionality or Style

Choosing a wine glass can also be about style or functional preference. For example, you may just like the way stemless wine glasses look or feel in your hand. You may choose a 16oz stemless wine glass over a 20oz stemless wine glass if you have smaller hands.

Is the wrong wine glass going to ruin the experience?

Okay, we’ll be honest with you: of course it’s not the end of the world if you drink the “wrong” wine from the wrong glass. At least you’ve got the right beverage in your hand ;). But as they say, it’s best to use the right tool for the job. So if the right glass will enhance your wine drinking experience, why not go for it?

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