Weird Wine Colors

Weird wine colors to try once in your life!

Who says wine has to be red, white or rosé? While wine doesn’t come in every color of the rainbow (yet), there are some pretty funky wine colors you might not have guessed. If you’re an experimental wine drinker, then you’ll want to try to get your hands on these unique wines. Grab a bottle and some glasses and make your wine drinking a little more colorful!


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Blue Wine

A Spanish wine company has come up with blue wine known as Gik Blue Wine. No, it’s not just regular wine with a few drops of food coloring – not exactly, anyway. It’s red and white wines blended together with a few drops of organic, all natural food coloring, i.e. grape skins. There’s no real reason as to why the wine is blue, except well, it’s fun! We’re not sure what the name is supposed to mean, but in Thai the word “Gik” is used for someone you’re in a casual relationship with. You know, no real long-term sustainability or love. But it’s fun while it lasts, right? Possible connection? Definitely plausible, isn’t it? Either way, we still think blue is one of the prettiest wine colors of all!

Green Wine

As far as wine colors go, first there was blue, then there was green. As more states legalize marijuana, people are trying cannabis in just about everything. So it’s no surprise that cannabis infused wine is one of many new uses for the plant. Melissa Etheridge has her very own marijuana-infused wine, but there seems to be some confusion as to whether it’s called No Label or Know Label.  As of now, cannabis wine is only legal in California, and only for medicinal use. Marijuana-infused beverages are still illegal in other states where medicinal and recreational are legal. If you want to drink green wine, you’ll have to head to California – and get a doctor’s note!


Orange Wine

Unlike the other two, orange wine actually isn’t a new novelty. Orange wine has actually been around for quite a long time. Some credit Georgia (the country not the state) as the true home of orange wine. To make orange wine, winemakers use white grapes but the process required to make red wine. The result: orange wine! They are sour, though not necessarily citrusy the way you might think an orange wine would be.

Have you ever tried wine in one of these colors? If so, tell us what you thought by leaving us a comment on FB!