Valentine's Day Fails!

Valentine’s Day Fail: We’ve all had one, so let’s just laugh about ’em!

That epic day of love is almost here. Sometimes all it takes is a few cocktails to make a brilliant night and other times no matter what you do, you wind up with a Valentine’s Day Fail.  And when you do fail, the best thing to do is tweet about it and share your misery! Here are some of our fav #valentinesdayfail tweets!

1. Valentine’s Day can be such a fail even the flowers get sad.

2. Oh no he didn’t.

3. At least you’re reducing your carbon footprint by reusing. #somefailsarewins

4. Don’t let an algorithm beat you down!

7. Is this an omen?

8. Is it still okay to eat it if you can’t identify it?

9. Even when you plan things way ahead of time, you still may be destined for a Valentine’s Day Fail!

10. Let’s hope this math is right!

We hope your Valentine’s Day goes better than it did for these people. But if not, sharing your Valentine’s Day Fails can be therapeutic (and of course humorous for all of us who didn’t have to live it!). Tweet at us or leave us a comment on FB.