Valentine's Day Cocktails

Super Easy, Must-Try Valentine’s Day Cocktails!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Whether you’re single, planning a first date, or married for thirty years, this list of super easy, must-try Valentine’s Day cocktails has something for you!

Strawberry Bellini with Rim Sugar: A drink before a night on the town

This wonderful recipe works best if you pre-chill your glasses. If you don’t have champagne flutes, you can use regular or stemless wineglasses as well. The color and the aphrodisiac effect of strawberries makes strawberry bellini a great Valentine’s Day cocktail choice. Tip: be sure to use the rim sugar because details matter!

valentine's day cocktail bellini

Black-beery Whisky Smash: The Valentine’s Day cocktail trifecta!

If you or your love is a whisky drinker, then this must-try Valentine’s Day cocktail is for you! Remember not to use the good whisky – after all, it’s going to be mixed with blackberries and beer!

Black-beery whisky smash holiday cocktail

Cupid’s Kiss: Just the right amount of sweet

We’re not sure if Cupid’s kiss works just like cupid’s arrow, but vodka and champagne? Yes, please!

cupid's kiss valentine's day cocktail

Nutella Raspberry Martini: The grownup’s milkshake!

A perfect Valentine’s date cocktail for a playful yet sophisticated date night: Nutella Raspberry Martini. Those rimmed glasses are picture perfect!

Nutella Raspberry Valentine's cocktail

Raspberry Cosmopolitans: The perfect drink for a dinner party

Just because it’s the day of love doesn’t mean you have to spend it alone as a couple. Invite your favourite couple friends – or set up some of your single friends – to enjoy some Raspberry Cosmos! Show your Valentine’s love to Planet Earth by switching out the plastic straws for reusable stainless steel straws.

Raspberry Cosmopolitan Valentine's Day Cocktail

Hot Buttered Rum: Valentine’s Day cocktails for longtime loves

So you and your love have celebrated Valentine’s Day a number of times and the whole pink and red thing is getting a little old, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying this day of love! Whip up a few hot buttered rums and cuddle up in front of the fireplace and bask in that forever kind of love.

Valentine's Day Cocktail Buttered Rum

Cupid Floats: A Valentine’s treat for the kids!

Valentine’s day isn’t only about lovers; it’s also a pretty big holiday for the kids. This kid-friendly drink recipe is so fun and pretty! Alcohol-free of course. Swap out the jar glass and use an unbreakable wineglass to fancy things up a bit while still making it kid-friendly!

Cupid Floats valentine's day cocktails and mocktails

These are some of our fav must-try Valentine’s Day cocktails from some great food and drink bloggers. Know any other great cocktails for the day of love? Tag us on Instagram or leave a comment on Facebook.