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Unbreakable stemless wineglasses are the kitchen essential you need!

Non-stick pans. Check. Blender. Check. A great set of knives. Check. Utensils, measuring spoons, and bottle opener. Check, check, and check.

You probably think you have every essential item for your kitchen; after all, this isn’t your first rodeo. But there’s one thing that every kitchen needs, but most don’t have: enter unbreakable stemless wineglasses.

Yes, you read that right.

The words “unbreakable stemless wineglasses” might almost sound like an oxymoron, but they’re a real thing – a glorious thing.

unbreakable stemless wineglasses red win

With unbreakable stemless wineglasses you’ll never worry about an accidental break!

Why do you need (or want) unbreakable stemless wineglasses?

Shouldn’t this question be why wouldn’t you need unbreakable wineglasses? Let’s think about this for a minute: wineglasses just so happen to be extremely delicate and yet, they’re the very thing we’re supposed to hold on to while consuming a beverage that has a tendency to temporarily impair our motor skills. That seems kind of…err…ironic? Even if you try to mitigate some of the fragility by opting for stemless wineglasses, it won’t be long until you find out those are pretty delicate, too!
But nobody wants to drink or serve wine in a plastic cup or even a tumbler just to avoid possible broken glass. Wine is a drink that deserves a little bit of class. Wine deserves the beauty of a wineglass. And that is exactly why you need unbreakable stemless wineglasses that are classy enough for a glass of wine yet durable for real life!

Unbreakable stemless wineglasses are great for every location and every occasion!

The beauty about unbreakable wineglasses is that they give you the freedom to bring a classy glass to places you otherwise might hesitate to do so. Want to have a glass of wine by the pool? No problem! Thinking about going on a camping or glamping trip? No need to drink out of a plastic cup when you can keep it classy with unbreakable wineglasses!

But unbreakable wineglasses aren’t just great for your next outdoor adventure-they’re also great for your next big dinner party, movie night, or weekend cocktails on the patio. Unbreakable wineglasses work amazingly for just about every event, big or small, indoor or outdoor, that life throws your way!

But why stemless?

The beauty about unbreakable stemless wineglasses is that they work well with so many drinks that aren’t wine.  While you might a little hesitant to break out (bad pun!) the stemmed wineglasses for a glass of juice, you won’t think twice about doing so with a stemless wineglass. Not to mention, stemless wineglasses are easy to care for and store in your cupboards. Even if you’re not a daily wine drinker, chances are you’ll find yourself using these glasses on the regular!

Stemless wineglasses are great for:

  • Cocktails
  • Morning smoothies
  • Milkshakes
  • Water
  • Juice
  • Just about every room temperature to cold beverage!
unbreakable stemless wineglasses juice

Lunch on the patio? Serve fresh juice in unbreakable stemless wineglasses.

Kids can use them too!

Unbreakable stemless wineglasses are easy and fun for the kids as well. While you probably wouldn’t dare to let them touch the regular wineglasses, you’ll feel comfortable handing your child an unbreakable glass. For little hands, we recommend 16 oz unbreakable stemless wineglasses.

Not all unbreakable wineglasses are the same

But before you stock up on unbreakable stemless wineglasses, there’s something you should know: not all unbreakable wineglasses are created equal. Two unbreakable wineglass brands will look and feel very different from one another.

What are some things to look for in a good unbreakable stemless wineglass?

While everyone has different preferences, some features most people enjoy in an unbreakable stemless wineglass include:

  • Smooth rims that feel nice on your lips
  • No bubble bottom
  • A sturdy plastic that doesn’t have too much “give”
  • Clarity and brilliance of glass
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA-free & EA-free

This is a great checklist to use when considering which unbreakable wineglass brand to buy.

Unbreakable stemless wineglasses are one thing you never knew your kitchen needed—until now! And trust us, once you have them, you’ll never know how you’ve lived without them for so long. So what are you waiting for? Get your unbreakable stemless wineglasses today!


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