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Travel Wine Glasses: Put Them on Your Packing List!

If you’re a vino lover, then you’ll probably agree vacation without wine isn’t really vacation. While procuring a bottle of wine while traveling can be easy, all too often we’re without a wine glass. So what happens then? All too often, good wine gets drank from disposable plastic cups. This cheapens the wine drinking experience, and interferes with the taste of the wine. But it doesn’t have to be this way! If get your hands on the right travel wine glasses, and trust us, you’ll never hit the road without them again.

What Makes a Wine Glass a Travel Wine Glass?

The number one thing that sets a travel wine glass apart from any other kind of wine glass is simply that it will not break. You should be able to toss your travel wine glasses into your suitcase, backpack, or carry on without bubble wrap!

Being Unbreakable isn’t the Only Thing That Matters…

There are a lot of travel wine glasses on the market that are unbreakable, but lack the elegance of a real wine glass. The look and feel just isn’t what you’d expect from a wine glass. With these options, is it really worth it? Might as well just drink out of any ol’ glass…but better yet, might as well get travel wine glasses that are unbreakable and elegant.

It’s Possible to Have the Best of Both Worlds!

TaZa wine glasses are made from 100% Tritan material, making them both unbreakable and beautiful! And they come in every shape and size you could possibly want:

travel wine glasses

What’s the point of a view like this without a proper glass of wine?

Perfect for your Airbnb Vacation!

Unfortunately, “stocked with wine glasses” isn’t an Airbnb filter just yet, so until then it’s a good idea to BYOWG – bring your own wine glasses. You don’t’ want to be stuck in a beautiful Airbnb apartment or chateau without a being able to complete the experience with a glass of your favorite wine in your hand. Travel wine glasses to the rescue!

P.S. If you’ve listed your property on Airbnb, stocking your cupboards with unbreakable drinkware is a pretty great idea. In addition to wine glasses, you’ll also want to have some unbreakable tumblers in your Airbnb rental’s kitchen!

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