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Top 10 Cocktail Blogs for Women

We women love a good cocktail, don’t we? We have a lot on our plate and whether it’s in a club, at a party, or by the pool, cocktails are a fun, sophisticated way for anyone to kick back and relax. What’s more…they are a perfect finish to a day, a way to celebrate a success or a way to wind down and relax.

There are literally thousands of cocktail recipes out there, so if you want to try something new and exciting at your favorite bar, or you fancy making something special yourself the next time you have the girls round, take a look at these top 10 cocktail blogs for women which will help you find the right drink for any occasion.

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 1. Cocktail Deeva

“It’s all about a great cocktail and a killer pair of shoes”. This quote from Dee Brun, award-winning writer behind the Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time, sums up her fabulous site Cocktail Deeva. Enjoy low-calorie drinks, or more indulgent cocktails such as Dee’s excellent Fab Punch.

What’s more, Cocktail Deeva includes links to other blogs and sites containing even more drinks for you to try. Stuffed full of useful recipes and hilarious stories, Cocktail Deeva will put you right in the mood for an adventurous night out.

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cocktail blogs for women

2. A Beautiful Mess

Focusing on homemade recipes, A Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle website aimed at promoting happiness and fun. While the website has many articles about décor, food recipes, crafts, and other projects, its cocktail blog really excels. You’ll find some very cheeky drinks here with exotic offerings like the Blueberry Cucumber Sparkler, Peaches, and Whiskey Ice Cream Float, and Jolly Rancher Vodka; combined with simple crowd pleasers like the sweet and sour Strawberry Grapefruit Mimosa.

A Beautiful Mess is updated regularly and offers some truly original cocktail and drink ideas – try the Double-Stuffed Oreo Jello Shots for something different and oh so delicious.

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Delicious cocktails for women

3. Pop Sugar

Another great place to discover some amazing cocktails. Pop Sugar is a lively venue to read about fashion, celebrities, love, and, of course, delicious cocktail drinks to enjoy alone, on a date, or with your friends. In their cocktail section you’ll find great tips on the best cocktails for every occasion imaginable, even hosting your own Fifty Shades of Gray party. The cocktails found here are easy to make with a classy mix of flavours which should satisfy most tastes. The Fresh Finish and extensive margarita recipes are definitely worth a try, especially on a warm summer’s night!

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Top Ten Cocktails

4. This Girl Walks Into a Bar

Founded in 2010 by sisters Jordan Catapano and Jocelyn Dunn, This Girl walks Into a Bar is an insider’s guide to cocktails. Brimming full of great recipes and insights into the art of mixology, the blog section of This Girl Walks Into a Bar posts a wide variety of cocktail how-to’s every few days. With the bartender’s perspective, this site offers useful information into balancing the perfect cocktail with the right ingredients. Perfect for rainy days and sun-kissed afternoons alike, try their Rye and Blueberry cocktail or Tequila Cilantro Lemonade recipes which have an invigorating kick to them.

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Top Ten Cocktail Blogs

5. The Cocktail Lovers

Giving the London perspective on cocktails, The Cocktail Lovers is written and managed by Mr G and Ms S, a married couple who are as enthusiastic about cocktails as they are knowledgeable. This blog is for those with a sophisticated side and has a great selection of recipes as well as informative articles on non-alcoholic cocktails for those who can’t or won’t drink. Admiring unconventional and classic recipes in equal measure, The Cocktail Lovers is a great resource for those who want a more in-depth look at cocktail making as a passion and industry. Even if this seems a bit too serious for you, there are some great recipes here so well worth checking out!

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6. One Martini

Created by two friends who love cocktails and other drinks, One Martini has a great list of cocktail recipes and infused alcohols which will impress you and your friends. Unique drink recipes such as ginger infused vodka, candy corn infused spirits, and homemade spiced rum offer something a little different; if infused drinks aren’t your thing, then grab a chair and learn how to make equally as rare cocktails such as Island Pride, California Dreamin’ and a mean Cat’s Pajamas. One Martini focuses on the exotic, and that’s why we love it!

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Cocktails for Women

7. girlichef

Established by a Michiana-based food and drink writer, Girly Chef offers some amazing food recipes – but more importantly you’ll find a large selection of tasty cocktails too. Each cocktail recipe is written in an easy-to-understand way, helping you put together some visually striking drinks such as the Drunken Hummingbird and the Boozy Sugar Cookie Milkshake. What’s great about Girly Chef is that its founder, Heather, strikes a balance between simple recipes and those which have a distinctive look and taste. Not to be missed.

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8. Liqurious

This site is a little bit different from the others on this list, and a little bit special. Liquirious curates many of the best cocktail recipes available out there into one simple place. Complete with pictures of each drink and a short description, click on one and you’ll be taken to the blog, website, or Pinterest page where the cocktail first appeared. Have you found a cocktail recipe you love? Then simply add it to the page and share it with thousands of people around the world. A great way to spread the love amongst the cocktail community, and an absolutely indispensable resource for finding the best recipes out there.



unique Cocktails

9. The Girls on Bloor

Perfect for those among you who love mixing cocktails with lifestyle and adventure. Created by two 20 somethings, Taylor and Nathalie, The Girls on Bloor has a mouth watering selection of cocktails perfect for a quick drink before hitting a club or bar. One thing which really makes this site stand out is that the drinks are often categorized by occasion. Enjoy 4 different spooky Halloween drinks, or perhaps a vibrant summer red wine cocktail; whatever floats your boat we’re certain you’ll love what The Girls on Bloor has to offer.

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 Low Calorie Cocktails

10. Low Cal Cocktails

Nothing beats a juicy and thirst-quenching cocktail, but, let’s face it, there can be a lot of calories in them. Why not enjoy a few guilt-free cocktail recipes instead? That’s the thought behind Low Cal Cocktails, and there you’ll find tons of great options without having to worry too much about the calorie content. Whether it’s a Pineapple Habanero Margarita or a Bob Marley rum cocktail, you’ll be amazed that cocktails can taste so amazing and yet contain so few calories. One of the best things about Low-Cal Cocktails is that it allows you to search for cocktails based on liquor and flavor; no more hunting for recipes, just use what you have! Another bonus: most of their cocktails look fabulous in an unbreakable stemless wineglass!


Enjoy Yourself!

Life is for living, and these great cocktail blogs for women provide fun-filled recipes for you to enjoy alone or with friends. Whether after a hard day at the office on your own, or before a night on the town the girls. However and with whomever you decide to share a cocktail with, have a great night, and never be afraid to try something different. Have some other favorite cocktail blogs we missed? Tell us about them by leaving a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.