cleaning up broken glass

Tips for Cleaning up Broken Glass like a Pro!

Shards of glass all over the kitchen or floor–we’ve all been there. Cleaning up broken glass can be worrisome, especially because the slivers can get incredibly small (sometimes so small they’re nearly impossible to even see!).

Use these tips to clean up broken glass:

1. Broken glass travels far.

When you break a glass, it’s likely shards have skid across the floor far and wide. Be sure to clean the entire area-not just where you see the major chunks of glass.

2. Put on rubber gloves.

Slivers of glass are hard to see so it’s easy to accidentally cut yourself while trying to clean. An average pair of dishwashing gloves will spare you from getting any unnecessary cuts while you clean up broken glass.

Rubber gloves for cleaning up broken glass

Traditional dishwashing gloves will keep your hands safe while cleaning up broken glass.

3. Wear shoes while cleaning up broken glass.

If you’re barefoot when the break happens, put some shoes on immediately. And be careful as you walk to get them!

4. Keep kids and pets safe!

Broken glass, kids, and pets don’t really mix. Keep your little loves safe and out of harm’s way while you clean up broken glass.

cleaning up broken glass with pets around

Shards of glass can easily get stuck in your pet’s paws – best to get them out of the room while cleaning up broken glass!

5. Don’t vacuum broken glass.

Vacuuming up those little shards of glass may sound like the easiest solution – and in the immediate situation it is – but you should avoid vacuuming up glass whenever possible. When shards of glass get sucked through your vacuum cleaner, they can potentially puncture it from the inside. Trying to get a little glass up quick and easy might result in having to purchase a new vacuum cleaner.

6. Use a damp cloth.

Fold a damp cloth multiple times so that your hand won’t run the chance of getting cut by the glass through the cloth. Run the damp cloth over the entire area where there are potential shards of glass. After you’re done cleaning up the glass with the cloth, shake the glass into the trash. Let the towel dry and shake again before washing.

7. Try a slice of bread.

Another way to pick up glass is by running a piece of bread over the area where there may be broken glass. This may be easier than a towel because you can just throw the bread in the trash when you’re done!

Use a slice of bread to clean up broken glass

When cleaning up broken glass, a slice of bread might do the trick!

These are some of the best ways to clean up broken glass, but the best thing you can do is never worry about breaking a glass again: get TaZa unbreakable glasses.

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