things to put in your airbnb rental

7 things to put in your Airbnb rental to make your guests happy!

Need some inspiration for things to put in your Airbnb rental? You’ve probably already covered the basics like good bedding, essential cooking ingredients, a hair dryer, an Android and iPhone phone charger and an international plug adapter. But what else would make your guests happy?

Attention to detail makes all the difference – and this rule of thumb holds true when you’re renting out your property on Airbnb. Make your guests happy with your attention to detail by ensuring your Airbnb rental has a few extra bonuses to set it apart from the rest. If you want stellar reviews, then these seven things to put in your Airbnb are a must!

reusable bags for Airbnb rental

1. Reusable Bags

Airbnb guests often like to grocery shop and cook at home. Keep a few canvas totes in your Airbnb rental so that guests can be eco-friendly and reduce their plastic footprint. Your environmentally-conscious guests will be impressed and you’ll be doing your part to reduce single-use plastic waste. Eco-Bags offers a practical selection at a reasonable price.

things to put in Airbnb rental bottle opener

2. Bottle Opener

This is one of the most important things to put in your Airbnb rental! Make sure your guests are never in a pinch without a way to open their bottles: have a bottle opener in your kitchen. And why give them the same ol’ same ol’ bottle opener? Instead, give them a moment of fun with a Pop the Top bottle opener. Just push down and pop off. Smiles and awe guaranteed.

TaZa unbreakable 16 oz wineglasses

3. Unbreakable Glasses

You already know your Airbnb rental needs glasses, but what you might not know is that it needs unbreakable glasses. Guest-proof your house with TaZa unbreakable wineglasses. This ensures that broken glass won’t keep your guests from having good time. You also won’t have to worry about replacing broken glasses. These 16oz wineglasses are great for wine, water, juice, soda and just about anything. In fact, TaZa stemless wineglasses are so versatile, they’re really the only glasses you need to put in your Airbnb rental.

Cyber Acoustics Speakers perfect to put in Airbnb Rental

4. Speakers

Imagine you’re on a vacation and want to just chill out at home and listen to your favorite music. You could do it from your laptop or phone, but wouldn’t it be much better to have great sound? Speakers are something that most Airbnb rentals do not have but every Airbnb should have! For an affordable, quality speakers to put in your Airbnb rental we recommend Cyber Acoustics. They are simple desktop speakers that don’t take up much room, but still have a subwoofer and a control pod.

wooden coasters a thing to put in Airbnb Rentals

5. Coasters

Save your furniture from drink rings by providing your guests with a nice set of coasters. You can pick coasters that are simple and match just about every décor like Noritake Kona Wood coasters or something just for fun that will make your guests smile like this cat eating pizza. The most important thing is they should be durable enough to last.

Hot or Cold Gel Pack for Airbnb Rentals

6. Hot or Cold Gel Pack

Keeping one of these handy is a great “just in case” move. If your guests happen to need one, they’ll be so thankful you had enough foresight to have a hot or cold gel pack in your Airbnb. We recommend you store it in the freezer so that guests who want to use it cold won’t have to wait for it to freeze. Roscoe Medical offers a standard, durable option.

Adult coloring book for Airbnb rental

7. Coloring Books

Keep a stack of kid and adult coloring books to give your guests something relaxing to do in their downtime. It’s also fun for guests to look back and see the pictures colored by previous guests. Kids enjoy coloring books like Jungle Adventure and this coloring book is great for the adults. Remember to get crayons or a nice set of colored pencils as well!

Bonus Item: Reusable Straws!

We know we said this article would tell you 7 things to put in your AirBnB rental…but we thought we’d give you one more! If you want to really make your AirBnB rental eco-friendly, then stock your drawers with Dip & Sip stainless steel straws. This way, your guests won’t have to rely on disposable straws and you can sleep easy at night knowing you did your part to help others live sustainably.


When you put these things in your Airbnb rental, you are sure to have a lot of people happy! Do you have any other recommendations of things to put in an Airbnb rental? If so, join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter.