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The Unbeatable Bobby Flay meets the Unbreakable TaZa glasses

We have a confession to make. Even though we are the people who brought you the “drama-free” wineglass, we actually like a little drama now and then. Not in our everyday lives, mind you…but on television!

At TaZa, we love us some Bobby Flay. We’ve been fans for a long time, and we’ve been cheering him on ever since he started challenging chefs across the US in his show, Throwdown! We continued to cheer when he started Beat Bobby Flay. We’re a little star-struck, to say the least.

So, you can understand why we were overcome with joy when we got one degree of separation closer to Bobby Flay.

How? Food Network selected TaZa Unbreakable Wineglasses as a swag bag item for Beat Bobby Flay’s guests!

TaZa stemless wineglasses

Every guest on season 6 of Beat Bobby Flay took home TaZa drama-free wineglasses!

That’s right: Guests of Beat Bobby Flay Season 6 all took home TaZa unbreakable wineglasses!

We imagine putting together a swag bag for the likes of Rachel Ray and Geoffrey Zakarian is a gargantuan task. These celebrity chefs are up to speed with the latest and greatest in kitchen & barware, so the bar is set high—really high.

But the Food Network chose TaZa!   

Of all the kitchen and bar products out there, Food Network decided TaZa stemless wineglasses were an impressive gift to give Beat Bobby Flay contestants— what an honor! It’s kind of like an unofficial certification of quality to have such a reputable and trusted organization like Food Network feel confident enough to give such esteemed guests TaZa glasses.

Imagine: celebrity chefs sipping victory champagne straight from a TaZa wineglass. The lips of Debi Mazar, Michael Symon, and Alex Guaranaschelli pressed up against TaZa unbreakable stemless wineglasses! Just thinking about it sends us over the moon!  

So which celebrities took home TaZa glasses? Here’s the shortlist of the guests who appeared on Beat Bobby Flay Season 6: Giada Dilaurentis, Debi Mazar, Michael Symon, Geoffrey Zakarian, Alex Guaranaschelli, and Rachel Ray.

We may not be hanging out having mimosas on the patio with these celebs (yet), but at least our glasses are! Want to drink like the celebs? Order your own set of TaZa unbreakable stemless wineglasses.

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