The Broke Girls Guide to Throwing a Great Summer Party

Throwing a great summer party on a budget is more fun that having an event where money is no object. You have to set limits, be creative and prioritize…and that is where the fun begins. I’d like to share with you a few ideas to help inspire your creativity for throwing a summer party on the cheap.

Try a couple of these ideas, don’t let anyone know you are on a budget.


Summer Theme Party

A party with a theme already has fun momentum built into it. Your theme sets the tone for your summer party, but it can also help keep your budget under control. A great resource to find themes that enhance throwing a summer party on a budget is Parties for Pennies run by the sweet Georgia Peach.

Also find fun, casual, unique themes here:

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Once you have settled on a great summer party theme, gather ideas for decor and food via Pinterest. If you are hosting an outdoor party, the setting can be less expensive than the cost of a bar or restaurant. Outdoor settings are more casual and people are normally more relaxed when out in nature.

Now you can focus on the real fun – the guests.



Details do matter, but decoration and a stunning display won’t save a party if the guests are not having a good time. Be hospitable. Welcome each guest and introduce them to other guests. Help them mingle. Mingling is the free part.  Create social games for party ice-breakers


They may be silly, but games initiate smiles and laughter and get things off to a light-hearted start. Offer a bit of friendly competition to liven things up.

Here are some games you can play:

  • Charades
  • Trivia Games
  • Two Truths and a Lie
  • Name that Tune
  • Pictionary
  • Guessing Games



Short on the budget for food?  No problem! Make your party a BYOB or a potluck. Supply some of the food and drinks yourself, but allow friends to bring their favorite dish. The benefits of allowing people to bring a dish is that they feel they have contributed to the party and they usually bring their favorite, most delicious dish.



Purchase paper goods through your big box store or go online at You can get incredible products shipped directly to your door and at economical prices. Grab a stack of plates, napkins, utensils & cutlery.



Most guests will bring a bottle of wine or a 6 pack of beer as well. Make sure to furnish wine glasses, beer cozies and a wine bottle opener.

TIP: If you have unbreakable wine glasses available your budget won’t be broken (along with the glasses). Nothing ruins a party more than the awkward silence after a glass shatters.

FAVORITE THING: TaZa! Unbreakable wine glasses. These glasses are shatterproof plastic glasses shaped for any drink you serve. Don’t worry about cleaning up broken glass again! TaZa glasses are a party must-have.

Save a glass. Save your party.

TaZa wine glasses for summer outdoor party

With paper products and shatterproof plastic glasses, you will enjoy your summer party without the fear off of anything breaking. What’s nice about TaZa!, they look like fine glassware and add a touch of class to your get-together.

Switch to Stainless Steel Straws

Be environmentally conscious and save money in the long run. Stop using the disposable plastic straws and start using TaZa’s Dip and Sip stainless steel straws. Let your guests sip a cool cocktail through a stainless steel straw.

stainless steel straw


Find affordable ingredients and recipes. Make them work for you. You don’t have to plan a pricey trip to the grocery store to entertain a few people. Use as many of the things you have on hand already. Make all appetizers instead of serving dinner. Finger food is easier to eat and allows the mingling to continue without interruption. Make sure you have a good variety.

Variety will allow your friends to graze throughout the entire evening and always have backups to refill the trays.

Here are some appetizers you can try:

Instant Party Mix

Party Bruschetta

Vegetarian Summer Rolls

Sausage Rolls



You don’t have to spend a fortune to throw a great party for your friends. Keep in mind that the reason people love a party is the PEOPLE. The decor and food only enhance the natural fun that happens when people get together.

With the food, shatterproof glassware, games and good times everyone will be talking about your awesome summer party the next day.

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