Thanksgiving Fails

Thanksgiving fails that we’ve all experienced!

Oh, Thanksgiving! It’s a beautiful day to celebrate with your loved ones, but of course, things don’t always go as planned.  From cooking disasters to awkward family moments, these are some of our favorite 2016 Thanksgiving Fails. A special shoutout to Twitter for being a place we can laugh at ourselves and our strange situations – you help us keep sane!

We’ve all probably experienced Thanksgiving Fails like these:

When Grandma isn’t as good of a cook as she thinks she is.

When your relatives are living in the technological past.

When one of your relatives has one too many drinks (or at least we hope that’s the reason!).

When generations collide and the oldies try to be young and hip.

When your dad tries to navigate his way through 2016.

When grandpa has a lot to get off his chest.

When the silver lining is finding out valuable information.

When you beat yourself up over the disaster that is Thanksgiving!

When all you want to do is eat more pie, but the guilt is too much.

When you wonder why the election has to be so darn close to Thanksgiving.

When you were thiiiis close to a lunch without any Thanksgiving Fails. But no.

When it’s over and done, and you just want to curl up under a blanket with a nice warm drink. But you can’t.

Thanksgiving is always a “special” time of year. There may be a little (or a lot) of chaos, but hey, Thanksgiving Fails are what great Thanksgiving memories are made of, right?

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