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TaZa on the Radio: The Morning Playhouse!

It feels like we’re still dreaming, but we just pinched ourselves and it’s true: we heard TaZa on the radio! The Morning Playhouse on Y94 in Fargo, North Dakota has a special program every Wednesday called Wine Wednesday where they feature some of their favorite wines and give away awesome prizes.

The Morning Playhouse reached out to tell us they thought TaZa unbreakable wine glasses were awesome and they wanted to feature them on Wine Wednesday! Of course we agreed and sent them a few boxes to give away to some very lucky winners.

The Morning Playhouse put TaZa on the Radio!

The Morning Playhouse crew! Photo courtesy The Morning Playhouse on FB.

It was so much fun hearing Zero, Rat and Maya talk about why TaZa unbreakable wine glasses are so cool.

TaZa on the Radio Quotes

Here are some of our favorite quotes from The Morning Playhouse RJs:

If they’re really unbreakable

“Give it to Maya over a weekend; she’s always able to test wine glasses.” –Rat

How they look like “real” wine glasses

“The thing I love about this wine glass is just by looking at it you think it is a glass wine glass…like made of glass.” –Maya

Where you need unbreakable wine glasses

“You could be I don’t know, camping, on a boat, hanging out in your backyard on your deck…there are situations you don’t want to bring your traditional wine glasses because it’s gonna shatter, right? This thing’s unbreakable and you can bring it with you anywhere you want wine which is everywhere.” -Zero

Wine Wednesday with The Morning Playhouse!

Okay, okay, enough of us talking about what they said about Taza on the radio – have a listen for yourself:


Want to get your own unbreakable wine glasses? If you’re in the United States, shop on Amazon here. If you’re in Canada, check out our Amazon.ca shop!

unbreakable wine glasses on radio

Note: If you’re a radio show, talk show, morning show, or anyone else from the press who’d like to give Taza unbreakable wine glasses a go, just let us know! 🙂