Taza on Insider


Awhile back the good people of INSIDER reached out to TaZa and asked us if they could make a few videos on our products. Our answer? Uhmm…TaZa on Insider? Yes please!

If you’ve ever seen INSIDER videos, you know they feature some pretty cool things. Some of their past videos that we have totally loved include:

…and a whole lot more! So, of course to see TaZa unbreakable wine glasses and Pop the Top among some of these totally cool things was a dream come true! How could we resist seeing what fun videos INSIDER would come up with?!

They definitely didn’t disappoint!

Check out how INSIDER tested TaZa unbreakable wine glasses:

Some of the comments were hilarious!

Friends nudging friends to buy them:

“Please buy these because you keep breaking my wine glasses”

“Maybe you’d have more stemless glasses if they were made of this!”

Sometimes even nudging two friends at once:

“We need to get these…specially when you two are together in one place”

“we need these after all the glasses you two have broke”

Even offering to buy them as a gift for some of their clumsiest friends:

“I’ve just found your wedding present!”

Others wondered if their friends were even too clumsy for unbreakable glasses:

“You’d still find a way to break them!” (Nope! Not even the biggest klutz!)

And then INSIDER had some fun with Pop the Top bottle opener:

Again, the comments for Taza on Insider were gold.

Ask a friend:

“If you’re looking for a Christmas present for me, buy me this so I pop open my coronas at any time”

Not a want…but a NEED:

“Cause I’m always asking you to open my beers, I NEED THIS!”

Dental work is way more expensive!

“This is what you need instead of using your teeth”

Up your game:

“I’ll be an expert beer server with this”

Coulda Woulda Shoulda:

“We needed one of these this past weekend”

Life changer:

“The game has changed.”

What can we say? We loved seeing Taza on Insider – and 3.8 million people and counting did too!  Get your own unbreakable glasses or Pop the Top bottle opener at the TaZa Amazon store.