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Five Reasons to Switch to Stemless Wineglasses

Stemless wineglasses are becoming more and more popular, but have you ever wondered why people make the switch to stemless wineglasses forgoing traditional stemmed wineglasses? Here are a few reasons stemless wineglasses seem to have gained popularity.

1. Stemless wineglasses don’t break as easily.

Stemmed wineglasses are so delicate it’s not totally unheard of to snap the stem right in your own hand! If you haven’t done it, you’ve probably seen someone do it. Sometimes it’s just a mess, but other times it’s downright dangerous! This will never happen with a stemless wineglass. It’s also easier for a pet to knock over a stemmed wineglass as opposed to a stemless wineglass. If you want to really stop worry about broken glass, then it’s time to make the switch to unbreakable stemless wineglasses.

stemless wineglasses don't break as easily

Your stemless glasses can balance on various surfaces much more easily than stemmed glasses–preventing a lot of spills and breaks!

2. Easy to wash.

You might avoid putting your stemmed wineglasses in the dishwasher for the same reason: they run the risk of breaking. Stemless wineglasses, however, are just like any other glass, so the chances of them breaking in the dishwasher are very minimal. If you never want to hand wash a wineglass again, then it’s definitely time to make the switch to stemless wineglasses.

3. Easy to store.

Without a wineglass rack, finding space for those tall, fragile wineglasses can be a pain. They don’t fit in all cupboards, so you usually have to look for a special place to put them. When you do find a place to store your traditional wineglasses, they can still easily knock over in storage. Stemless wineglasses store just like any regular glassware.

4. Stemless wineglasses look more contemporary.

Stemless wineglasses aren’t just functional, they’re also stylish. Stemmed wineglasses are timeless, but stemless wineglasses are newer and can come across as more contemporary. Plus, stemless wineglasses are great for serving salads and desserts

switch to stemless wineglasses for outdoor use

Stemless wineglasses are great for outdoor activities like lounging at the pool.

5. Great for outdoor use.

Because stemless wineglasses are more durable, they are better for outdoor use and easy to pack for day trips and longer. Taking traditional wineglasses outside is an accident waiting to happen. Stemless wineglasses, however, are simple to use just about anywhere, and you can pack them up for trips or picnics without having to worry to much. If you really want to be ready for a campfire glass of wine, or a road trip in the RV, then choose shatterproof stemless wineglasses.

Of course stemmed wineglasses are timeless, but these are just some of the reasons that people make the switch to stemless wineglasses. You don’t have to abandon traditional stemmed wineglasses altogether, but if you don’t already have a set, then now is the time to add stemless wineglasses (or better yet, unbreakable stemless wineglasses) to your drinkware collection.  


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