Summer Picnic Must Haves

Summer is all about being outside and soaking up nature whenever and however you can–so have a picnic. Make the most of the sunshine and round up some friends or the family for an afternoon meal outside.  Grab a throw blanket, a basket and these other TaZa Summer Picnic Must-Haves:


Coola Sunscreen summer picnic must-have

COOLA® Sunscreen: Protect your skin from UV rays without exposing them to the harmful chemicals found in other sunscreens by choosing COOLA© organic sunscreen.  COOLA is also mindful about its packaging so as not to create unnecessary waste—another win!

Price: Around $12.00-36.00

Must Try: Eco-Lux 8oz Body Spf 30 Fresh Cucumber Sunscreen Spray for $36.00


Flip Flop Fizzy Sangria summer picnic must-have

FlipFlop Wines Fizzy Drinks: Who said only beer can come in a can? FlipFlop Wines has a range of canned, fizzy wine cocktails that have some serious picnic vibes. Not overly sweet, these fizzy wine drinks are fun and refreshing. With five fun flavors, there’s one for every wine lover.

Price: $11.29 / 4 pack

Must Try: Fizzy Sangria


love and hummus summer picnic must-have

Love & Hummus: Use Love & Hummus as a dip for carrots, celery, cucumbers, lavash and crackers or spread it on some pita or slices of bread to make a sandwich. Aside from being so dang tasty and healthy, Love & Hummus is organic and handmade in small batches. It’s also packaged in glass instead of plastic. So much goodness, how can you not?

Price: $40 / 4-jar sampler

Must Try: Spicy Harissa Hummus


TaZa glasses summer picnic must-have

TaZa Shatterproof Drinkware: Nobody wants to make a toast with a disposable cup, and with TaZa Shatterproof Drinkware you don’t have to—even when you’re on a picnic. Keep the day classy, drama-free and eco-friendly by packing TaZa Shatterproof Drinkware in your picnic basket.

Price: $24.95 / set of 4

Ginger Brew Summer Picnic Must-have Reeds Ginger Brew Summer picnic must-have


Reed’s Ginger Brews: Soda doesn’t have to be bad for you—Reed’s Ginger Brews are all natural and all goodness! Made from whole roots, spices, and fruit juices, Reed’s Ginger Brews embrace the art of small batch soda brewing. Comes in eight different flavors.

Price: $16.00 / 12 pack

Must Try: Spiced Apple Ginger Brew


Pop the Top summer picnic must-have


Pop the Top Bottle Opener: Crack open those Reeds Ginger Brews and all your bottled beverages with the super fun and super easy Pop the Top Bottle Opener. Just put it on, push down, and pop off. Opening a bottle has never been so simple and yet so entertaining.

Price $10.99

wide metal straws stainless steel straws Dip & Sip Stainless Steel Straws: Resist the urge to add to the plastic problem! Skip the single-use plastic straws and opt for a reusable stainless steel straw. This four pack of stainless steel straws comes in four styles and each pack comes with a cleaning brush. Make your summer picnic eco-friendly!


Lazy summer picnics are a great way to get your sunshine fix while enjoying great company. Think another great product should be on our summer picnic must-have list? Tell us about it by leaving us a comment on  Facebook, Instagram or Twitter