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Super Simple Summer Drink Recipes to Whip Up in a Snap!

Summer is a time for fun and relaxing. Whip up these super simple summer drink recipes and enjoy the sunset with your family while sipping on a nice, cool drink. Any of these drinks can be made alcohol-free for the kids or whenever you don’t feel like having alcohol. Enjoy!

Soda Float

This is a classic summer drink, but it’s one of those drinks that’s so classic we tend to forget about it! When was the last time you had a root beer or Coke float? It’s probably been awhile, hasn’t it? The great thing about a soda float is that you can make it with just about any kind of soda. Plus, there are a lot of interesting organic soda flavors out there like Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer or Grand Mesa Grape, so basically you can make a whole lot of different drinks.  A soda float will forever be one of our favorite simple summer drink recipes.

Want to make it more “adult”? Add a splash of your favorite rum!

soda Float summer drink recipe

Summer Water

If you want to stay hydrated this summer with something other than plain H2O, summer water is a great choice! Without any added sweeteners, you won’t have to worry about too many extra calories with this recipe, so pour yourself another glass! Make a large batch, stick it in the fridge and drink it whenever you feel like it. You’ll like it so much, you might even be drinking summer water well into the fall!

summer water summer drink recipe

Bourbon Butterscotch Latte

This is one latte you won’t find at your local coffee shop! If you don’t have chilled coffee, you can make it with 3oz of hot coffee. However, be sure to brew the coffee extra strong since it’s going to melt the ice immediately. If you want, you can skip the bourbon altogether and just enjoy an iced butterscotch latte.

bourbon butterscotch latte recipe

Vietnamese Cold Coffee

If you love coffee and you’ve never had this before, you must at least once! Who knew that condensed milk would make for such a different twist on an iced coffee. Stir the condensed milk in with the coffee before adding the ice so that it mixes well before getting cold. Be careful: This is one of those simple summer drink recipes that may set your wanderlust in motion!

Hint: If you like it milky, but don’t want it as sweet as the condensed milk makes it, use one part evaporated milk and one part condensed milk.

summer drink recipes vietnamese coffee

Lemon Fizz

Super simple summer drink recipes don’t get much easier than this! This is a great twist on your average lemonade. Add some crushed ice for an extra summery taste. If you’re looking for a refreshing sunset cocktail, add a shot of vodka for a real treat.

Lemon Fizz summer drink recipe

These are some of our fav simple summer drink recipes. Have any others you think are perfect for the summer? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!