Silicone wine glasses vs Tritan

Silicone Wine Glasses vs. Tritan Wine Glasses

If you’re a wine lover like we are, then you’ve probably seen silicone wine glasses and Tritan wine glasses somewhere on the web. But what’s the different between the two types of glasses and which ones are better?  Find out which unbreakable wine glass your kitchen needs!

Tritan wine glasses

Tritan wine glasses work great for adventures.

Tritan Wine Glasses vs. Silicone Wine Glasses


Silicone wine glasses are known for being extremely flexible – so flexible that you can put them in your back pocket or camping bag with ease. This seems to be the biggest plus point for people who choose silicone wine glasses.


Tritan wine glasses have a slight “give” but they are by no means flexible. They don’t flatten or squish up the way silicone wine glasses do. This makes Tritan wine glasses more like real wine glasses. Though you can’t put one in your back pocket, they’re still easy to pack; you don’t need to worry about a Tritan wine glass breaking in a suitcase or backpack.



Silicone wine glasses are pretty much strictly for outdoor use. They are the shape of wine glasses, but they don’t really look or feel like real wine glasses. A lot of this has to do with the foggy color of silicone wine glasses. It’s impossible for silicone to get the crystal clear look of real glasses. This makes silicone wine glasses only appropriate for informal settings.

Tritan wine glasses, on the other hand, are crystal clear in appearance. Although Tritan is a type of plastic, Tritan wine glasses are often so clear they can almost be mistaken for real glass. Because of the look and feel, it’s possible to use Tritan wine glasses for pretty much any occasion. They work great for indoor and outdoor use, formal and informal settings.

silicone wine glasses vs. Tritan wine glasses

You need unbreakable wine glasses, but do you need silicone or Tritan?

Types of Glasses

Silicone wine glasses are typically stemless, though it is possible to find stemmed silicone wine glasses. The stem is thick and the shape doesn’t really resemble a wine glass stem. In fact, they look more like silicone brandy glasses than silicone wine glasses. Because silicone is so flexible, it would be pretty tough to make a wine glass with an elegant, long stem, hence the short and thick stems have to do.


Tritan wine glasses come in stemmed and stemless. This is possible because Tritan is a less flexible material, it’s easy to make it into any shape that you can make a glass wine glass. Some of the more popular styles of Tritan wine glasses include:

If you opt for Tritan wine glasses, you’re sure to find the right glass shape for any type of wine and occasion.

Tritan wine glasses Tritan Stemless Wine Glasses