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Shatterproof vs Break Resistant Wine Glasses: Is there a Difference?

In the wine world, you may have heard of shatterproof wine glasses or unbreakable wine glasses…but are they the same thing? Here’s what you need to know about the differences between shatterproof vs break resistant wine glasses.

shatterproof wine glasses restaurant

A restaurant might use crystal, break-resistant or shatterproof wine glasses.

What are wine glasses normally made of?

Traditional wine glasses are made of crystal which easily breaks or shatters upon dropping. Crystal is so delicate that the stem can snap in your hands or the glass could shatter during a slightly more forceful “cheers” than normal. Real crystal wine glasses of all shapes and sizes are pretty delicate. Read: not really practical for everyday use.

So now let’s find out about shatterproof vs. break resistant wine glasses!

Shatterproof vs. Break Resistant

What are break resistant wine glasses?

Unlike traditional wine glasses that are made of crystal, break resistant wine glasses are made of composite glass. This makes the glass much stronger and able to endure a little more of your daily life. However, if you have marble, slate or some other hard flooring, then you can pretty much take the “resistant” out of “break resistant” because when you drop one of these wine glasses chances are…it’s going to break!

Break resistant wine glasses are also not going to fly outside. Well, they might fly, but they’re not going to land in one piece!

**Note: shatter resistant & break resistant wine glasses are two terms for the same thing 🙂 **

shatterproof vs break resistant wine glasses picnic

Shatterproof wine glasses are the best choice for all outdoor activities.

What are shatterproof wine glasses?

Shatterproof wine glasses, also called unbreakable wine glasses, are the most durable wine glass option you can get. You can drop, knock, kick, or spill an unbreakable wine glass and it’s probably not going to break. People have dropped them down flights of stairs, knocked them off balconies, and a whole lot more without breaking an unbreakable wine glass! Shatterproof wine glasses are your best bet for picnics, boating, camping, and all your outdoor activities.

How do they work?

Unbreakable wine glasses are kind of like an optical illusion. They look like glass, but they’re actually made of another material like Eastman Tritan which is a BPA-Free & EA-Free plastic. Don’t let the word “plastic” turn you off; a lot of people don’t even realize they’re plastic at first because they’re so crystal clear. The big bonus is that you can use shatterproof wine glasses for indoor parties, outdoor parties, and indoor-outdoor parties. That’s sounds like a reason to say “cheers!”

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