Visit Six Breweries in One Day with this San Diego Brewery Map!

If you want to spend a day visiting as many San Diego breweries as you can, then this San Diego brewery map can help! Use this San Diego brewery map to help you plan a day brewery hopping some cool places just east of University of California San Diego.

San Diego Brewery Map

Follow this San Diego Brewery Map for a great day filled with great beers!

1. Eat a late breakfast and check the San Diego Brewery Map.

The first few breweries on the brewery tour have minimal or no food options. Eat a hearty breakfast before you start traveling along the route on the San Diego Brewery Map.

2. Head to Rough Draft Brewery before lunch.

This San Diego brewery map starts at Rough Draft Brewery. Since it’s still early, you might want to start out with their India Pale Ales, Weekday and Grapefruit Weekday, both 4.8% ABV.

3. Travel less than a mile to Saint Archer Brewery.

If you’re up for it,you can walk from Rough Draft to Saint Archer. Keep in mind, Monday-Thursday Saint Archer doesn’t open until 3pm, Friday at 1pm and Saturday/Sunday at noon. If you’re brewery hopping during the week, you’ll have to skip this one.

4. Grab a bite and a beer at Ballast Point.

Less than a mile away from Saint Archer, you’ll find Ballast Point. Ballast Point is most likely the most popular brewery on our brewery tour map, but great beer isn’t the only thing you’ll love about it. Choose from great food options like the Ballast Point Burger, the Organic Kale Salad, or the delicious House made Pretzel Bites.

5. Hop over to Duck Foot Brewing.

Walk or drive half a mile to reach the next stop: Duck Foot Brewing Company. This tasting room has a small menu (five beers year round and some special releases), but they’re all mighty tasty!

6. It’s time for AleSmith Brewing!

AleSmith is one of our all-time favorite California breweries. While here, try the Nut Brown Ale for a nice British-style beer. If you’re more into the Belgian-style Pale Ales, go for the Lil’ Devil. Or why not both?

7. Last stop: Mike Hess Brewing.

Mike Hess Brewing is the perfect last stop on our San Diego brewery map. Offering nine great beers year round, Mike Hess Brewing adds seasonal and limited-time only beers to its menu all worth checking out.

Want to check out more awesome breweries? Check out our breweries in California and Colorado. Can’t make it out and about but still want to enjoy some of these great beers at home? Grab your Pop the Top bottle opener and let the good times begin!

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