Rio Olympic Cocktails!

The Rio Olympics are here! It’s time to sit back and relax with a great cocktail while the most accomplished athletes in the world do their thing. But don’t settle for the same ol’ same ol’- bring the Brazilian festivities right to your living room with some 2016 Rio Olympic cocktails.


Before you start mixing it up Rio-style, you need learn about cachaça. Cachaça is “the” alcohol of Brazil.
This cane rum is used in a number of Brazilian cocktails and can be found in most liquor shops.

Now on to the cocktails:


caipirinha, national drink of Brazil

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If there’s one Brazilian cocktail you must try, it’s Caipirinha. Caipirinha is the Brazilian drink of all Brazilian drinks. In fact, it’s considered the Brazilian national cocktail!

1.3 fl oz Cachaça
½ lime cut into wedges
2 tsp raw sugar
Crushed ice

Put lime wedges and sugar in a glass. Muddle well. Add ice. Add Cachaça. Enjoy in a TaZa unbreakable glass!


As the name suggests, Caipifruta is a fruity twist on the classic Capirinha. Replace the limes with various fruits and muddle away. Strawberry Caipifruta and Pineapple Caipifruta are two of the most common.

cocktail for 2016 Rio Olympics

Strawberry Caprifruta is very popular in Brazil.


Capeta actually means “devil” in Portuguese, so before you drink this, beware! Popular in northern Brazil, Capeta is a sweet drink and the key ingredient is guarana powder, sold a most health food stores.

1 shot vodka
2 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp guarana powder
Drizzle of honey
1 tsp cocoa powder


Caju Amigo

Yep, your Spanish classes paid off- this drink is the friendly cashew. This drink is superbly simple; the only tough part is finding the cashew juice, but most grocery stores well-stocked with imported foods should have it.

1/2 oz cachaça
1/2 oz of cashew juice

Pour in a shot glass and serve!

2016 Rio Olympic cocktails

Caju Amigo is made from fresh cashew juice.

Batida de Coco

Finally, a Brazilian cocktail that doesn’t start with the letter C! Like all your favourite Brazilian drinks, Batida de Coco is a drink made from cachaça but this one with a strong coconut taste.

¾ cup coconut milk
1 drizzle of condensed milk
2 shots cachaça
1 tbsp shredded coconut

Mix the coconut milk, condensed milk, and cachaça. Put ice in a glass. Pour mixture over the ice and add shredded coconut.  Stir & serve with a stainless steel straw.

Try one, try ’em all, but be sure to “cheers” the Brazilian way: Saude!

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