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Grab a Portable Wine Glass and Go!

It’s the summer, which means it’s time to grab the sunscreen, the floppy hat, and head outside. And if you love wine as much as we think you do, then you’re going to want wine at all your outdoor summer adventures. So grab that portable wine glass, and let the summer fun begin!

What is a portable wine glass?

Technically, a portable wine glass is a glass that’s great for wine and you can use “on the go”.

There’s no hard and fast requirement for what a portable wine glass has to look and feel like, but for us, these are the basic requirements:

  • It should be unbreakable
  • It should still look like a wine glass

A portable wine glass shouldn’t be restricted to a stemless wine glass design. Some people who love wine really appreciate a good stemmed glass…and stemmed glasses should be a portable wine glass option!

portable wine glass picnic

The most important aspect of a portable wine glass is that is should be unbreakable – and ready for your outdoor on-the-go life!

Where can a portable wine glass go?

Well, since we’re talking about an alcoholic beverage, on-the-go is anywhere that outdoor or public drinking is allowed. So check before you drink.

Drinking in National Parks

Most national parks have designated areas where drinking is allowed, but bans it in other parts.

For example, according to the official website, what you need to know about drinking at Yellowstone National Park:

“The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in that part of Yellowstone National Park which lies north of the line from the mouth of the Gardner River directly to the fence bordering the south side of Park Street in Gardiner, Mt., and west to where that fence meets the stone wall of the Roosevelt Arch, then along that wall to its western terminus, and from there directly north to the north park boundary. Fine $25.00”


Can you drink on the beach?

This defers from beach to beach. It’s not even necessarily left up to state law, so the best advice is to check at the specific beach where you’d like to carry a bottle of wine. Some beaches have even started banning alcohol only for certain times/months of the year.

Drinking wine at the beach

Heading to the beach this summer? Check the local laws before you bring the wine or alcohol.

In 2017, you were not allowed to drink beach at Panama Beach. This was put in place to curb some of the Spring Break crazy.

Drinking in Public: Can you do it in the city?

Most cities don’t allow you to just walk around town with an open container or a glass of wine. Public drinking altogether or restricted to certain streets or entertainment districts.

There are, however, a few cities in America where you can take your portable wine glass just about anywhere out in the open.

Those cities include:

Arlington, TX

Butte, MT

Erie, PA

Gulfport, MS

Fredericksburg, TX

Hood River, OR

Indianapolis, IN

Las Vegas, NV

New Orleans, LA

Savannah, GA

Sonoma, CA

If you’re in any of these cities, we’d still advise you do a quick check on the most current laws before you break out the portable wine glass and start your public drinking!

Drink in the great outdoors of your own backyard!

unbreakable wine glass

Make sure you never break a glass on your own property. Use an unbreakable wine glass when outdoors.

One place you can drink legally while still enjoying nature is in your own backyard, on the patio, or on your balcony. You’ll want to use a portable wine glass (i.e. unbreakable wine glass) here to avoid breaks. The last thing you want to do is try to find bits of broken glass scattered across the patio, some of which have probably made its way into the grass. Not good for the lawn mower, little feet, or paws!

This summer we hope you have fun taking your wine wherever…as long as it’s legal! Share your favorite to drink wine outdoors, in public or any other summer adventure location.

Get your own unbreakable, portable wine glasses today!