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Pool Safe Wine Glasses are a Thing – And They’re a Thing You Need!

Attention Pool People: pool safe wine glasses are here! Whether you’re floating around on a raft, chilling in the water, or soaking up the rays on the sidelines, one thing’s for sure: you need a glass of your fav wine within reach! Pool-safe wine glasses should be at the top of your summer must-have list!

What are Pool Safe Wine Glasses?

To put it simply, pool safe wine glasses are glasses that aren’t going to break. Unbreakable glasses are handy just about everywhere, but why are they exceptionally useful by the pool? Let’s find out…

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Grab your favorite drink, head to the pool…and never worry about broken glass!

What Happens When Broken Glass Gets in the Pool?

If you are a pool owner, you know just how tragic it can be when something gets in the pool that should not be there. Like broken glass. If you’re a first-time pool owner, let us break it down for you (no pun intended!). When broken glass gets in your pool, you won’t be able to know exactly where it goes. Not only can someone get hurt, but it can potentially damage some of your pool plumbing.

pool safe wine glasses

Pool safe wine glasses help keep the kiddos safe!

Here’s what you have to do if you want to clean broken glass from your pool:

1. Drain the entire pool (talk about water wastage!)
2. Clean out the entire bottom of the pool.
3. Hope that no major pieces have already gotten where they shouldn’t be! (Yes, hope is a step!)
4. Fill the water back up

If this sounds like a lot of work to you, you’re right! It is. Skip the hard work – and the disruption to the summer fun – and get yourself some pool safe wine glasses.

pool safe wine glasses

Pools are a stress-free zone. Keep it that way with pool safe wine glasses.

More than Just an Unbreakable Wine Glass

When you drink at the pool, there’s a pretty good chance your glass is going to sit in direct sunlight for at least part of the day. When some unbreakable glasses get hot, they leach chemicals into your drink. Kinda takes the “safe” out of pool safe wine glasses, doesn’t it?

TaZa: The BPA-Free, EA-Free Choice!

If you want to make sure that potentially harmful chemicals stay out of your glass, then choose TaZa unbreakable glasses. Our entire range of wine glasses and tumblers are made from 100% Tritan material. Tritan is BPA-free and EA-free, making Taza unbreakable glasses a great poolside choice.

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