plastic wineglasses on wedding day

Plastic Wine Glasses at a Wedding – Amazing or Tacky?

When planning an outdoor wedding, one thing you might be considering as you choose the tableware is what kind of wine glasses to use. Do you go with traditional, yet breakable wineglasses or plastic wine glasses at a wedding?

If you’re like most people planning a wedding, the big dilemma is really quality vs. durability. Real wineglasses run the risk of fun moments going awry with broken glass that suddenly needs the cleanup crew’s attention. This can be a real buzzkill – something you definitely don’t want at a wedding.

But will plastic wine glasses at a wedding cheapen the look of the whole event? The answer to this question really depends on the kind of plastic wineglasses we’re talking about.

plastic wine glasses at a wedding

Plastic wineglasses are a great option for beach weddings.

Disposable Plastic Wine Glasses vs Reusable Plastic Wine Glasses at a Wedding

Many people who think about getting plastic wine glasses for a wedding first think of disposable plastic wine glasses. They’re cheap, easy and you can just throw them away. But there are some drawbacks. The other option is reusable plastic wine glasses. Let’s compare the two.

Look & Feel

Disposable plastic wine glasses: They look more like plastic and lack the elegance your wedding deserves. Everyone will immediately know they are plastic.

Reusable plastic wine glasses: Unbreakable wine glasses are plastic (100% Tritan material), but they have the clarity of fine glass. People may even mistake unbreakable wine glasses for real glass. If you’re looking for an elegant, unbreakable option, then reusable plastic wine glasses the way to go.

plastic glassware indoor wedding

Plastic drinkware is also an option for indoor weddings.


Disposable plastic wine glasses: They may not shatter, but disposable plastic wineglasses can crack and tear…which might not be the nicest thing to happen if your guest is drinking a glass of red wine.

Reusable plastic wine glasses:  Unbreakable wineglasses won’t shatter, crack, break or tear. The perfect combination of durability and elegance are why people choose to use these plastic wine glasses at a wedding.


Disposable plastic wine glasses: These are good for a single use and that’s it. This may make clean up at your wedding easy, but it’s also incredibly hard on the environment. Plastics take up to 500 years to decompose – do you really want plastic wine glasses at a wedding to still be around for generations to come?

Reusable plastic wine glasses: Dishwasher safe, you can use these glasses again and again! Need more glasses for your wedding day than you’ll ever need again? Donate the leftover glasses to a local charity or ask your guests to take some home.

Printing on a Wine Glass

Disposable plastic wine glasses: You probably won’t be able to find a printer who will print your names or wedding emblem on a disposable wine glass because the material is too thin.

Reusable plastic wine glasses: Unbreakable wineglasses are a thicker, sturdier material that works well with custom printing. If you want to print your names, initials, wedding date, or a wedding emblem on plastic wineglasses for your wedding, then these are the perfect choice.

printed plastic wine glasses at a wedding

Print & give as gifts!

Unbreakable wine glasses are a great parting gift to give your wedding guests. Fill each wine glass with chocolates or nuts, wrap in cellophane, tie some ribbons at the top and voila! It’s the perfect wedding gift that allows your guests to remember your special day long after it’s over.

Want to buy reusable plastic wineglasses for your wedding? TaZa sells unbreakable wineglasses wholesale and can print your name, initials, or wedding logo on reusable wineglasses. Contact us for a wholesale quote.