Plan the Perfect Father’s Day


Father’s Day is just around the corner. Studies show that year after year, we spend more on Mother’s Day than we do on Father’s Day. The amount of money we spend on celebrating Dad isn’t what is important, but it may be indicative of how much attention—or lack thereof—we give to his special day. This year, let TaZa™ help you plan the perfect Father’s Day, one to remember!

Follow these tips to plan the perfect Father’s Day.

Let Him Sleep In.

Dads work hard all week long. It may be tempting to wake him up early with a big ol’ breakfast, but it can wait! On Father’s Day, let Dad sleep as long as he wants. After all, Father’s Day always falls on a Sunday, and Sundays are the perfect day for a late snooze.

If your dad is an early bird, then set your alarm to make sure you’re up and at ‘em to brew his first cup of coffee.

Make Dad Breakfast in Bed.

Nothing says “Hey, you’re special” quite like breakfast in bed. Serve Dad some fresh squeezed juice in our TaZa™ shatterproof glasses, make some organic coffee, and prepare all of his breakfast favorites. Don’t know what to make? Cool Mom Picks has some great recipe suggestions to make this Father’s Day.


Make Dad his favorite breakfast on Father’s Day morning.

Do Something He Loves.

Father’s Day is a day to celebrate dads for all that they are—and one thing dads are is unique. While we would love to be able to tell you exactly what to do this Father’s Day, some of it has to be customized specifically for your father—do something he loves to do.

Does Dad like to fish? Get a can of worms and take the family out to the lake. Is Dad a sports guy? Get together a couple of other sports-loving families for a game of football at the park. Is Dad a science lover? Check out the science museum. The main idea is to get the whole family to do something that Dad loves, whatever that may be!

Give Him a Handcrafted Father’s Day Gift.

Father’s Day is a day not only to celebrate Dad as a person, but his role as a father. What better way to melt his heart than with something handcrafted? Make Dad proud with these DIY gifts even the kids can do.



The kids will love making Dad a Father’s Day gift.

Give Him Something He’ll Love.

DIY gifts are awesome, but whoever said Dad only needs one present? Pair that DIY gift with a gift he’ll use again and again—Pop the Top bottle opener. Dad will love showing off this little gadget that works almost like magic. All you need to do is put on, push down, and pop off! Smiles and awe guaranteed.

To make this even easier, you can enter to win Pop the Top & one wooden USA Beer Cap Map in time for Father’s Day.


Enter to win Dad a Father’s Day gift he will really love!

Take a Family Photo!

Despite being in an era where photo-taking is a nonstop activity, sometimes we forget to take them during the moments that matter the most. Make sure you get a family photo to commemorate Father’s Day. If you want to get fancy, you can read up on how to take the perfect family photo without a photographer.

Son, coast, leisure.

Capture your special Father’s Day with a fun family photo.

Make a Father’s Day Cake.

Father’s Day is a day we often forget the value of a celebratory cake. Just when he thinks his super Father’s Day can’t get any sweeter, surprise Dad with a sweet treat in his honor. Find some great Father’s Day cake ideas on Momtastic.

We hope these ideas help you plan the best Father’s Day yet. Have some other ideas to make Father’s Day great? Leave us a comment in the comment section.