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Personalized Wine Glasses – The Perfect Way to Add a Special Touch!

Special moments deserve to be held on to – and with personalized wine glasses you can do that in the most literal sense! Here’s just about everything you need to know before you order professionally done, personalized wine glasses.

Printed vs. Engraved Personalized Wine Glasses

There are two ways to make personalized wine glasses: printing or engraving. Both methods have some pros & cons, so it really just boils down to preference.

printing on wine glasses custom

Printed wine glasses are a great way to hold onto special memories.


Engraved: Since engraving doesn’t use any dye or ink, the emblem or words you engrave will be a monotone greyish color that happens naturally from cutting the glass.

Printed: Printing wine glasses enables you to use one or more color


Engraved: Any engraving done on a wine glass is easy to feel. Some people don’t mind the way it feels, but others may find it strange once the glass is in their hand.

Printed: Printing on a wineglass can hardly be felt at all. If you run your fingertips across the top, you may feel it slightly, but for the most part, it will go unnoticed once the wineglass is in your hand.

personalized wine glasses new year

Personalizing wine glasses for a party or special day really adds to the occasion.


Engraved: A lot of times, people use engraved wineglasses as decorative items on shelves or showcases. They’re more for memorabilia than for regular use.

Printed: For some reason, people tend to be less afraid to use printed wine glasses on a daily basis. Rather than in a display case, printed wine glasses usually wind up in the kitchen cupboards ready to use!


Thickness of Glass

Engraved: The thickness of the glass you need will depend on the depth of the engraving you desire. Etching however, which is a type of engraving, doesn’t require a thicker glass since it doesn’t go very deep.

Printed: Since printing happens on the surface of the glass, you can print on most wineglass material – including unbreakable wineglasses made out of 100% Tritan material.

Type of Wineglass

You can print and engrave on stemmed and stemless wineglasses of every shape and size!

When to Personalize Wine Glasses

There are many times you might want to personalize wine glasses, but the two most common reasons are: events or gifts.

personalized wine glasses for anniversary party

Celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary with beautiful customized wine glasses.


Any event where wine is present that you want to remember is a reason to personalize wine glasses. Some of those events include:

  • Food & Wine Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Anniversary Parties
  • Birthday Parties
  • Regattas
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Reunions

Basically, you can give engraved or printed wine glasses at any event where you would choose to give your guests or participants a commemorative gift item!

custom wine glasses sorority

Engrave wine glasses with your greek letters!


If you want to give commemorative gifts to a lot of people, engraved or printed wine glasses are a great option. They especially work well for corporate gifts!

Personalized Unbreakable Wine Glasses

Make sure people enjoy your printed wine glasses for a long time – print on unbreakable wine glasses! These are a great option, especially for events of gifts!

The next time you want to capture a special moment or give a special gift, consider engraved or printed wineglasses! Get a wholesale printed wine glass quote today!

personalized wine glasses