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Outdoor Drinkware – Do you Need it This Summer?

Have you been debating whether or not to get outdoor drinkware this summer? If so, you’ve come to the right place to help you find some answers!

What is outdoor drinkware?

Okay, you know it’s what it sounds like – drinkware that you can use outside – but what qualifies as outdoor drinkware? A lot of different types of glasses could be considered outdoor drinkware, but the main thing is that they should be unbreakable. Most outdoor drinkware is plastic, acrylic, silicon or some other unbreakable material.

Why not just use disposable drinkware?

You can…but it’s really bad for the environment. Plastic takes up to 500 years to decompose. Do you really want something from your Sunday night patio party to linger in landfills for centuries to come?

outdoor drinkware picnicking

Nothing better than a drama-free picnic!

Outdoor drinkware: material options

The kind of material to go with really depends on your preferences. Silicon glasses, for example, are normally foggy rather than clear, and they’re super flexible. This can be great for packing but they don’t look like real glass and are definitely not fancy.

100% Tritan material: a great choice!

Tritan is a durable, clear plastic material that works fabulously for drinking outdoors. The reason so many people choose to get glasses made of Tritan is because it actually does have the clarity of real glass. Unlike silicon or plastic glasses which rarely pull off “fancy”, Tritan glasses actually look like nice enough for a sit down meal – or to use indoors.

Tritan glasses are also:

  • BPA-free & EA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Reusable
Outdoor drinkware great for the beach

Never worry about breaking a glass with unbreakable outdoor drinkware!

Why do you need outdoor drinkware?

Outdoor drinkware is a great addition to any kitchen for a number of reasons:

  1. Great for entertaining

You may be able to handle glass on the patio without a break, but are you sure that your guests can? Instead of handing your guests a breakable glass, give them unbreakable outdoor drinkware. You may even want to use it for indoor entertaining.

  1. It’s eco-friendly!

Disposable plastic cups are an easy solution when you want to drink on the deck, but they’re really bad for the environment. Instead of lining our landfills with more single-use plastic, choose unbreakable drinkware that you can use again and again.

  1. Makes for a beautiful summer meal on the patio

Table settings set the mood. Tritan glasses make outdoor dining elegant.

  1. Works well for the kids
outdoor drinkware for kayaking

Outdoor drinkware works wonders for camping, boating, kayaking, and all your outdoor adventures and activities.

With the right outdoor glasses set, you and your kids can use the same glass. No more kiddie cups at the table!

  1. Can go with you on all your adventures

Impress your friends and pack some outdoor wineglasses for your next camping excursion.

  1. The right kind of unbreakable glasses can look fancy

Outdoor drinkware comes in many different shapes and sizes. Tritan wineglasses look so great they even work for weddings, fancy parties and any other special occasion.

  1. Works indoors as well!

Just because it’s called “outdoor drinkware” doesn’t mean they’re only for outdoor use.

  1. Outdoor drinkware encourages you to spend more time outdoors.

Once you add unbreakable glasses to your kitchen collection, you’ll find yourself spending more time on the patio. Drink your morning smoothie, have lunch al fresco, or wind up the evening with a glass of wine all outside on the patio or balcony.

Ready to add outdoor drinkware to your kitchen collection? Check out TaZa drama-free glasses!


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