office holiday party fails

Office party fails you can bet will happen!

Just a few weeks after you’ve lived through the trauma of Thanksgiving with the fam, you have to endure the office holiday party. December is the time of year we gather ye ol’ office crowd together for some holiday bonding over food, wine, and embarrassing moments (aka: Office Party Fails!). But at least those office holiday parties give us something worth laughing about. Here are some of our favorite #Officepartyfail tweets:

1. When you figure out your boss is actually cool a little too late in the game.

2. When your boss’ idea of a “party” is really work in disguise.

3. When you’re the “new guy” and all you want to do is make a good impression.

4. When the party planner doesn’t know a party without karaoke is a major office party fail.

5. When you see your tweets the next morning.

6. When you and your colleagues just aren’t on the same page musically.

7. When nobody else remembers it’s a pot luck party.

8. When that one guy just refuses to have fun.

9. When your Secret Santa is a lazy gift-giver.

10. When you realize you’re better off having no recollection of the events that took place.

Having fun at a holiday office party with those people you see day in and day out can be, well, interesting. But admit it: office party fails are what make office holiday parties their own special brand of fun. Want to share your office party fails? Join the conversation on FB or Twitter.