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National Drinking Days to Mark On Your Calendar!

Every day is a holiday! Well, that is if you count things like Bubble Bath Day (January 8th) and Kiss and Make Up Day (August 25) to be holidays. We sure do; both of those things are very important! But if you’re a wine, beer, or cocktail lover, then nothing compares to a day – or days – to honor these special beverages! Mark your calendar with these national drinking days!

National Bloody Mary Day – January 1

Is there any other way to start a new year, then with a Bloody Mary at brunch?

Beer Can Appreciation Day – January 24

Grab a can and let’s celebrate this national drinking day.

National Drink Wine Day – February 18

Pour a glass, but finish the bottle! Definitely one of our favorite national drinking days!

Open That Bottle Night – Last Saturday of February

Saving a bottle of wine for a special occasion? Today is the day to break it open!

National Margarita Day

Who can say not to a holiday that’s all about drinking margaritas?!

National Margarita Day – February 22

Isn’t this supposed to be Cinco de Mayo? Oh well; two days for great Margaritas is better than one!

National Mulled Wine Day – March 3

Keep warm with a nice glass of sugar, spice and everything nice (i.e. wine!).

National Absinthe Day – March 5

This day is not for amateurs!

Michigan Wine Month – April

We’ll be migrating to Michigan for the month of April!

National Beer Day

National Beer Day – April 7

Pop the top off a beer on National Beer Day!

World Malbec Day – April 17

The day Malbec unites people around the world.

International Sauvignon Blanc Day – May 6

The day to celebrate the beautiful white wine from the South of France.

National Wine Day – May 25

Yes, Drink Wine Day and Wine Day are pretty much the same thing, but we’re not one to complain!

National Chardonnay Day – Thursday before Memorial Day

Share a bottle of chardonnay with the ones you love.

National Cosmopolitan Day – May 7

Cosmopolitans definitely deserve their own holiday!

National Martini Day – June 19

A little vermouth, a little gin, and a lot of fun!

National Mai Tai Day – June 30

Rum lovers, this is a great day to test out your stainless steel straws in a cool cocktail.

National Pina Colada Day – July 10

Because the best thing to drink in the summer is a Pina Colada!

National Mojito Day – July 11

Bettering America-Cuban relations one glass at a time!

National Daiquiri Day – July 19

It’s summer, so the more cocktail days the better, right?!

National Wine Month - national drinking days

Many states dedicate an entire month to our favorite drink – wine!

Washington Wine Month – August

The best time to visit vineyards or urban wineries in Washington is definitely August!

International Rosé Day – August 14

Be happy and rosé!

National Pinot Noir Day – August 18

Who says you can’t have two wine holidays in one month? Of course you can!

California, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina Wine Month – September

Travel to the nearest one of these states and drink wine throughout the month!

National Beer Drinking Day – September 28

Open a bottle and celebrate National Beer Drinking Day!

UK Champagne Day – October 23

Borrowing holidays from other countries is perfectly acceptable if said holidays have to do with drinking champagne.

National American Beer Day – October 27

Be a good American and drink local beer

International Merlot Day – November 7

No matter where you are in the world, you must stop everything and drink Merlot!

National Wine Drinking Day

You don’t have to do anything fancy to celebrate wine days; all you have to do is pour a glass or two!

Wine Tourism Day – November 12

Plan a short trip to visit some vineyards you’ve always wanted to see.

National Zinfandel Day – November 18

We heart all the national drinking days that celebrate good wine. We’ll take a Californian Zinfandel, please.

National Sangria Day – December 20

A day to remind you that summer solstice is only six months away.

National Champagne Day – December 31

Every good year ends with a glass of champagne!

Mark your calendar with these fun drinking holidays…or you can even make up your own! Chianti Day or Shiraz Day, anyone? Tell us what other national drinking days you think deserve to be on the list by leaving us a comment on Facebook.