tips for smoothest smoothie

How to make the smoothest smoothie ever!

When you make smoothies at home, sometimes it’s tough to get that super smooth smoothie consistency you love. But all hope is not lost! Here are a few things you can do to make the smoothest smoothie possible.

unbreakable wineglasses smoothie

Smooth smoothies don’t just taste good; they look good too! We especially like them in unbreakable wineglasses.

1. Check your blender.

Make sure that your blender – and particularly the blade – is in good condition. If you’ve been using the same blender for the past 20 years, we hate to be the ones to tell you it, but it might be time to make the switch. There are a lot of good blenders out there for you to choose from. Just make sure it has good reviews for super smooth smoothies and you should be good to go!

Now that you have a good blender, it’s time to use it. Blenders usually come with different blades—make sure you’re using the right one for smoothies. To know which blade to use, check your blender’s manual. Don’t have it? Just search your model on the internet and find out about the blades. Also check the speed you’re blending on. It’s smartest to start low and go high. Going straight to the highest speed can set things in motion too fast, flinging most of your contents to the side and out of the blade’s reach. A few seconds in, you can speed things up to get the smoothest smoothie ever.

2. Blend long enough.

Newsflash: we live in a world of instant gratification. So much so, that we don’t won’t even wait another 45 seconds for our smoothie. Eagerness to drink that yum fruit smoothie is understandable, but just remember, a properly blended smoothie is a smooth smoothie, and a smooth smoothie is the best smoothie. Wait it out, folks. A little patiences and you’ll never get fruit chunks stuck in your stainless steel straws again.

apricot smoothie in a stemless wineglass

A smooth smoothie makes for a great breakfast.

3. Scrape the sides. Then blend some more.

When your smoothie is whipping around inside the blender, inevitably some of it gets stuck on the side even if you start slow. That stuff on the side doesn’t get blended the way it should, causing your smoothie to be not so smooth. Stop the blender, scrap the sides, and blend again.

4. Skip the kale.

We know that telling you to skip superfood kale sounds like a smoothie no-no, but if the smoothest smoothie is what you’re after, then kale is not your friend. Choose a smoother green for a smoother smoothie. Baby spinach works great and is jam-packed with nutrients.

5. Add yogurt or dairy-free yogurt.

Yogurt is thick and creamy, which makes your smoothie thick and creamy too. If it’s too thick, keep blending a bit longer to thin things out. Yogurt is one ingredient that will help you make the smoothest smoothie you can imagine!


Once you get the smoothest smoothie ever, drink it from an unbreakable wineglass. Stemless wineglasses make your drink look oh-so-pretty, and unbreakable wineglasses are great for early morning (avoid drowsy accidents).

If you love a smooth smoothie, then these tips should do the trick. Have your own smooth smoothie tips? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter.