How to Make Boxed Wine Taste Better

10 Delicious Recipes to Turn “Meh” into “Wow”!

Boxed wine is cheap and tastes bad, right? That’s the prevailing wisdom, but the truth is there are some great boxed wines out there. Even better, with our easy recipes you can turn an average wine into something a bit special. Your guests will never know, and you’ll be sipping on a delicious inexpensive drink until the sun comes up. Here are our favorite ways to make boxed wine taste better:


1.  Classic White or Red Spritzer with a Twist

Boxed wine made better and more delicious

A Taste of Summer! (Photo Courtesy of A Beautiful Mess)

Good wine is best enjoyed from the right glass, in perfect surroundings, with the best of company. But what happens when you’re stuck with a cheap boxed wine and want to really enjoy your drink? Spritzer is the answer whether you’re using white or red wine. It’s amazing what some sparkling water and a little ingredient or two can do.

To make our classic spritzer with a twist:

  • Mix 1 and a half pints of wine with 1 quart (2 pints) of chilled sparkling water.
  • For white wine, you can also try ginger beer, ginger ale, or lemonade for something a bit different.
  • For red wine, add a pint of mixed raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for a real fruity flavour.
  • Garnish with a slice of lime on the rim of a glass.

Suggestions: A spritzer can be anything you want it to be. Let your imagination run wild, try different mixers, fruits, and even herbs and spices to make a drink everyone will love.


2. Watermelon Spritzer

Watermelon spritzer made with boxed wine

Fresh, red and delicious. (Photo Courtesy of the Cookie Rookie)

Another great, simple and quick way to make boxed wine taste better is to spruce it up by creating a watermelon spritzer. It tastes delicious and works just as well with red and white. This drink mixes all the freshness of watermelon with a kick from the wine which is perfect for the summer.

To make a watermelon spritzer (1 glass):

  • Cut up 2 and a half pounds of watermelon and place in a food processor.
  • Add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract and a quarter cup of lime juice (Optional).
  • Add 1 glass of chilled wine and then mix.
  • You can strain the drink, or drink it in pureed form.

Suggestions: With red wine you can throw in some roasted pecans to spice things up, or add some brown sugar to sweeten the drink further. Perfect in a TaZa unbreakable glass.


3. White Wine Margarita

Delicious Boxed Wine Margarita

A Vibrant Latin Drink (Photo Courtesy of My Recipes)

Who doesn’t like a zesty margarita? It may surprise you to know that you can use any wine, even the cheap stuff, to make this world famous Mexican cocktail. Usually this enjoyable drink is made with tequila and cointreau, but using wine is a great spin on an otherwise established classic. This is one easy way to make boxed wine taste better!

To make a wine margarita:

  • Add half a cup of white wine to half a cup of orange juice.
  • Add either lime juice or frozen limeade concentrate to taste.
  • Blend this while adding 3 cups of ice slowly, allowing the mixture to become slushy.
  • Dust glasses with salt and rub with lime.
  • Garnish with orange and lime slices and serve.


4. Mulled Wine

Christmas Boxed Wine Recipe

A taste of Christmas all year round (Photo Courtesy of BBC)

It’s a classic drink for cuddling in by the fire on a winter’s night, but mulled wine can be enjoyed throughout the year. A tasty and fruity drink, mulled wine is a great option when faced with a boxed wine which is particularly tasteless or harsh, it can also serve large numbers of people, if you’re generous enough to share it!

To make mulled wine:

  • Pour about 1 bottle’s worth of boxed wine into a pot or saucepan.
  • Heat gently while adding 2 ounces of demerara sugar until dissolved
  • Add in orange peel, cinnamon, nutmeg, 1 half of an orange, and bay leaves to taste.
  • Continue heating for ten minutes, strain and then serve.

Suggestions: Why not add a kick of gin to release the taste of juniper into your mulled wine?


5. Strawberry and Peach White Wine Sangria

Boxed Wine White Sangria

Peach Perfect (Photo courtesy of Wearychef)

A great reminder of spring and the promise of summer in a glass. When chilled this fruity sangria is a real treat and a perfect way to welcome the sun. It’s also quick and easy to make, so what’s not to like?

To make strawberry & peach sangria:

  • Place 2 handfuls of slices strawberries in a large serving pitcher along with 12 ounces of peach slices. These can be frozen, fresh or from a can.
  • Pour 750ml of chilled white wine over the fruit, preferably a sweet wine such as Moscato.
  • Add half a cup of gold or white rum. Spiced rum works a treat!
  • Stir well, refrigerate for 4 hours (or however long you can wait) and then serve.

Suggestions: Try other fruits alongside the peach and strawberry – apple and blueberries are great.


6. Red Sangria

Sweet boxed wine sangria

Sweet and sexy sangria! (Photo courtesy of gimmesomeoven)

Don’t let white wine take all the limelight, a boxed red wine can be just as enjoyable. Sangria is one of the best ways to make boxed wine taste better.

To make red wine sangria:

  • Slice a large orange, lemon, and lime into rounds, removing the seeds.
  • Place in a pitcher with 2 tbsps of sugar. Mix gently until sugar has dissolved.
  • Pour in half a cup of brandy.
  • Add some sliced apple before covering and refrigerating for 4 hours.
  • Serve and make that cheap wine taste delicious!

Suggestions: Add an orange liqueur such as triple sec for even more tropical flavour!


7. Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Make Boxed wine taste better as Chocolate recipe

Chocolate and alchool? Yummy! (Photo courtesy of Saveur)

Don’t skip this one. You may think it sounds bizarre, but it is a really unique drink which tastes amazing, even with boxed wine. A great treat on a cold night!

To make this luxurious drink:

  • Melt chocolate or cocoa into a warm pan of milk to taste (don’t boil).
  • Whisk until creamy and light.
  • Add 1 cup of red wine and heat until nice and hot.
  • Serve and be amazed.

Suggestions: Top off with whipped cream, coconut, marshmallows or cinnamon for extra flavour.


8. Mojito White Wine Spritzer

make boxed wine taste better by making mojitos

Very easy to drink, so watch out! (Photo courtesy of winesdirect)

A mojito is one of the most refreshing cocktails around. It’s light and has a bite to it, but did you know that you can make one with white wine? This is a great twist on a real classic and doesn’t require expensive wine to taste good.

To make one white wine mojito:

  • Mix about 5 leaves of mint leaves together with the juice from quarter of a lime.
  • Put mixture in a glass and add some ice.
  • Add half a glass of club soda and half a glass of white wine.
  • Hey presto, garnish with a lime and you’re ready to go!

Suggestions: Add a teaspoon of agave nectar and a slice of cucumber to jazz things up.


9. Pineapple Mojito Sangria

boxed wine pineapple cocktails

Close your eyes and you’re in the caribbean (Photo courtesy of kitchentreaty)

We’ve had tropical fruit, a mojito, and sangria – now it’s time to combine them with this spectacular drink. The pineapple mojito sangria is a powerful way to turn lacklustre wine into something special.

To make this drink (6 servings):

  • Add 3 sliced limes 30 stripped peppermint leaves, and 1/3 of a cup of sugar to a pitcher.
  • Mix together before adding 1 small pineapple peeled, cored, and in chunks.
  • Pour in 750ml of, preferably, a dry white wine, followed by half a cup of white rum and a cup of pineapple juice.
  • Mix together and then refrigerate for at least 4 hours.
  • Once removed from the refrigerator, add 4 cups of lime lemon lime soda and garnish with mint leaves or pineapple wedges.

Suggestions: Great through a straw and with a nip of gin!



10. Kalimotxo

Soda and boxed wine drinks

Who would have thought this would work? But it does! (Photo courtesy of ocweekly)

Let’s finish on a high note, with a cocktail which will surprise and delight you and your guests. A popular Spanish cocktail, this drink is simplicity itself and tastes amazing. What’s more, the sweetness of this drink disguises any boxed wine to create something truly unique. It’s also the simplest drink on our list!

To make a Kalimotxo:

  • Fill half a bottle of cola with red wine.
  • Add three or four slices of lemon.
  • Rock the bottle gently to mix. Be careful it doesn’t get too excited.
  • Serve with some ice and enjoy this amazing drink.

Suggestions: Freeze some lemonade or lime juice in an ice cube dish. As they melt in the drink, they will add extra flavour!


Mix it Up!

With a few spices and some fruit you can turn even the cheapest of wines into a drink to die for. Use your imagination, and have some fun creating new boxed wine cocktails. If you have any other ideas to make boxed wine taste better, share them by leaving us a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.