last minute stocking stuffers for grownups

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers for Grownups!

Haven’t finished your holiday shopping? Procrastination be thy middle name! We’ve helped you with a few gift ideas for any grownup, including your coworkers, so now’s our chance to help you with last minute stocking stuffers for grownups! Another bonus: all of these gifts are available on Amazon, making your holiday shopping a breeze!

The Must-Have Stocking Stuffer

Okay, you could just load an adults stocking with a bunch of childhood favourite candies and he/she would be happy – it’s the holiday season, after all. But, if you want to be a little more creative then we’ve got some fun ideas for you. Of course our favourite on the list: Pop the Top Bottle Opener.

last minute stocking stuffers for grownups

Why Pop the Top?

It’s easy to use and everybody loves it! All you do is push down and pop off. Smiles, awe and holiday cheer guaranteed. Priced at under $10, it’s the perfect holiday stocking stuffer.

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More Stocking Stuffers for Grownups!

In addition to Pop the Top, the best last minute stocking stuffers for grownups include:

SterlingClad Card Protection

It’s crazy to think that we live in an era where people can steal your identity without you even having a clue that anything’s happened – but we do! Protect your cards from digital theft that can occur on subways, sidewalks, and in shops, by protecting your cards. SterlingClad card protection is definitely one of the most useful last minute stocking stuffers for grownups.


stocking stuffer for grownups

Dip & Sip Straws

There’s no time like the present to start taking small steps to protecting the environment. With Dip & Sip straws you can reduce single-use plastic straw waste while still enjoying your favorite drinks with a straw. Help protect the environment for you and generations to come.

Want to know what other stocking stuffers for grownups we love? You’ll have to watch the video!