Never See Broken Glass at Your B&B Again!

Your guests want to have the vacation of a lifetime–
and you don’t want broken glass to get in the way of that.

Keep things fun, classy and drama-free with TaZa unbreakable drinkware.

TaZa Unbreakable Drinkware can withstand just about every situation:

  • Knock it from a balcony – TaZa glasses bounce!
  • Let it crash onto a tile floor – TaZa glasses stay in one piece!
  • Sip by the pool – TaZa glasses are ready for a refill!
  • Drop it on the patio – Like nothing happened!


A Bed & Breakfast’s best friend:

  • Save money. Stop replacing broken glass again and again
  • No more cleaning up broken glass
  • Nobody will get hurt on shards of glass your cleanup crew misses – because there are none!

Your guests will like them just as much:

  • Smooth rims that feel good on the lips
  • Clarity of real glass
  • 100% BPA-Free and EA-Free
  • No bubble bottom as found on some stemless drinkware.
  • Offer them for sale at your BnB.

TaZa unbreakable drinkware is the choice for your bed and breakfast!

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