Gift Guide for Amazon Drama-Free

Gift Ideas on Amazon that take the drama out of the holidays!

The holidays are just around the corner and if you’re like us, you haven’t even started your holiday shopping yet! Have no fear; Amazon is here! Purchase all of these gifts online and have them delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days.

And why give a gift that will just benefit the gift recipient when you can give a gift that gives you a little peace of mind as well? That’s why we’ve put together a list of gift ideas on Amazon that will take the drama out of the holiday season! Big or small, we don’t want any drama at all!

So give these drama-free gifts and get a little something in return:

k 1. Knife Sharpener

Don’t spend Christmas in the ER after Dad cuts his finger with a dull steak knife. Avoid cuts due to dull blades. Keep your kitchen blades sharp and safe with a knife sharpener. This is one of our favorite gift ideas on Amazon.

 TaZa Pick: KitchenIQ 50009 Edge Grip 2 Stage Knife Sharpener
Price: $5.99

unbreakable drama-free stemless glasses

2. Unbreakable Wineglasses

When wine’s flowing, it’s not a question of “if” someone will break a glass, it’s a question of “when” someone will break a glass. That is, until now. Give TaZa drama-free wineglasses and you’ll never see a broken glass again. 100% Tritan, you can knock, kick, spill, or drop TaZa wineglasses and they won’t shatter or break. Great for cocktails, wine, smoothies, and more!


TaZa Pick: TaZa Drama-Free Wineglasses
Price: $34.95 now on sale for $21.16


shark markers stemless wineglasses

3. Drink Markers

Swapping drinks may sound like a little mix up—and sure, usually it is—but it’s not when Aunt Lil mistakenly takes a sip of Sue’s strawberry smoothie. Oh, you didn’t know she was allergic to strawberries? You get the picture. One of our fav gift ideas on Amazon are drink markers! They come in so many styles and shapes;go classy or adorably fun – either way drink markers prevent totally unnecessary holiday drama.

TaZa Pick: The Original Shark Mark Silicone Drink Markers Wine Glass Charms
Price: $12.99 now on sale for 9.99

icetrekker shoe chain drama-free holidays

4. Shoe Chains

Now this is will only drama-proof your holidays if you live in a place with some good ol’ fashioned holiday snow. For all you living in warm climates, well, this will probably create more drama than it’ll prevent. But shoe chains! The minute we heard these were in fact a real thing, we rejoiced. And any of you who have ever slipped down a sheet of ice on the driveway or had to take someone to the hospital who has, you’re probably asking yourself at this moment, “Why didn’t I ever think of those?!” Well, all that matters is that somebody did. And it’s going to be a slip-free, drama-free holiday season.

TaZa Pick: ICEtrekkers Shoe Chains
Price: $18.00-$40.45 (multiple styles available)

5. Batter Power Backup

On the holidays, a lot of us are on the go, and we won’t always have a place to charge the phone. A dead phone is a surefire way to cause holiday drama, but a battery power bank is a surefire way to avoid the drama. A battery backup is a great holiday gift for just about anyone!

TaZa Pick: KMASHI Batter Power Bank
Price: $69.99 now on sale for $13.99

door signs for a less dramatic holiday season

6. Door Signs

The holiday season means lots of house guests. Give guests their privacy (and get some yourself!) with fun “Do Not Disturb” signs. You’ll eliminate the drama of barging in on one another.  Door signs are fun Secret Santa gifts, stocking stuffers, or office party gift.

TaZa Pick: 3 Piece, 6-Sided Sign Pack
Price: $4.99

gift ideas on Amazon ear plugs christmas gift funny

7. Earplugs

Earplugs may sound like a sorta lame holiday gift – but when the noise levels go up, the person you give them to will be thanking you! Earplugs especially come in handy when your house is full of guests, and of course kids whose cheeky aunts and uncles gave them noise-making toys. Give the gift of good sleep!

TaZa Pick: Moldex Sparkplug Foam Earplugs
Price: $23.85 now on sale for $14.85


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