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Find a Great Gift for a Colleague: The Office Holiday Gift Exchange!

So you pulled a name out of a hat and now you literally have no idea what to buy for a colleague Secret Santa gift exchange. Buying a gift for a colleague is super difficult! After all, you only sit in the same office eight or more hours a day, five days a week. How well could you really know that person? The truth is whether you’re buying a gift for a long time love or a gift for a colleague it’s never all that easy! This year, go beyond the gift card and find something fun and useful. These gift ideas for the office gift exchange will help you find the perfect gift for a colleague!

Find the Right Gift for a Colleague

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Identity Theft Card Protector

This is the perfect gift for a colleague! If you’ve ever been the victim of identity theft, you know it can happen anytime, anywhere. It’s also a major drain on time, money and emotions to fix identity theft. That’s why the prevention is the best cure. These amazing identity thef t card protectors make it impossible for strangers to scan your info in a crowded bus, street or wherever. Now this is a gift everyone at the office holiday party will wish they got in the gift exchange!

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Lunch Box for the Professional

Buying lunch everyday is so 1990s. Now it’s all about packing healthy eats from home. Since everyone’s doing it, this is the perfect gift for a colleague. Spare them the pain of all those loose tupperware containers or carrying lunch in a random grocery bag. This lunch box is chic and professional, making it the perfect gift for a colleague.

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Pop the Top Bottle Opener

With the trend of organic soda on the rise, giving a bottle opener as a gift doesn’t have to be indicative of a love for craft beer (though it most certainly can be!). Pop the Top is a fun and easy-to-use gift for a colleague. And at a price of less than $10 makes it’s a great gift and a great deal!

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hempure cbd balm 1400 mg

Hempure CBD Balm

If you really want to make an impression on a colleague, you might want to go all out during the gift exchange, then go straight to Hempure’s CBD Balm. Considering that CBD is one of the hottest trends right now, it’s a great gift for anyone – who doesn’t want to try it? With 750 or 14000 mg per jar, Hempure CBD is way more concentrated than any other CBD balm on the market.  CBD balm is especially useful for cramped hands, back muscles, and so on.

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Rocket Wave Notebook

Write things down the old fashioned way, but use the cloud to store them. The Rocket Wave notebook writes like a notebook, but doesn’t use paper. Instead, everything you write down is digital and stores in the cloud. And, if you’ve ever used those clunky digital pens before, rest assured; this is nothing like that. Everything writes as smooth and clear as a normal ballpoint pen.

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Sahale Almond Mix

When all else fails, turn to food! Sahale Almond mix is a big hit with just about everyone who loves almonds. We’re big fans of the honey almonds with cranberries and sea salt, but if your colleague isn’t a fan of almonds, Sahale has tons of other snack mixes, and all of them are way delish!

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These are a few of our fav gift ideas for a colleague. Have any other office Secret Santa gift ideas? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter.