diy wineglass art design

Five Easy Stemless Wineglass Art Designs from Pinterest

We all know Pinterest is the best place to get some crafty inspiration, so when we wanted to find fun patterns for easy stemless wineglass art, where else would we have looked? These are some of our favorites:

1. Sunflower Wineglass Art

These sunflower wineglasses are an elegant choice for a ladies brunch. You can try painting daisies or roses at the base of the glass if you want variety.

2. Polka Dots

gold polka dot wineglass art design

Wineglass art doesn’t get much easier than this: just use a paint pen and make some funky polka dots. There is a lot of versatility with polka dots. Fill up the whole glass with a colorful pattern, use the dots sparingly for a touch of fun, or form the dots into a shape. Metallic colors are great for a sophisticated look whereas bright colors work well for a casual party. Think of the possibilities! This is a DIY art project even the kids can do.

3. Snowflake

Wineglass art snowflakes

Great for the holiday season, snowflakes are great for all artistic levels. If you’re a pro, paint intricately detailed snowflakes. If you’re a beginner, simple snowflakes will still look nice!

4. Texas Blue Bonnets

blue bonnet wine glass art

If you’ve ever been to Texas, you know the true beauty found in fields of blue bonnets. Stemless wineglasses covered in blue bonnets are a great gift for anyone you might know who is fond of the Lone Star State.

5. Colorful Grass

Simple wineglass art

This is a really easy design that doesn’t overdo it. If you’ve ever had a #pinterestfail you may be hesitant to execute a DIY wineglass art project. Painting some colorful grass at the bass of your stemless wineglasses is a wineglass art pattern you can’t easily mess up. The trick is in the paintbrush–you’ll need an extra thin brush to get those elegant blades of grass.

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