drinks to drink from a wineglass

10 drinks to drink from a wineglass that aren’t wine!

Whoever said that wineglasses are just for wine is dead wrong! Wineglasses are fun and pretty; they deserved to come out of the cupboard for way more drinks than just wine! Use your stemmed or stemless wineglasses whenever you want to make life a little fancy.  This list of 10 drinks to drink from a wineglass that aren’t wine is just a starting place – be creative! Wineglasses work for just about any room temperature to cold drink.

Alcoholic Drinks to Drink from a Wineglass

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Stemless wineglasses work great for beer. A bottle of beer fits in a 16 ounce stemless wineglass with room to spare. So, pop the top and say cheers!

Gin & Tonic

Fill your wineglass with ice, throw in some lime and enjoy your gin & tonic.

mimosa in a wineglass

Mimosas don’t need champagne flutes. Photo credit: https://dalemackey.wordpress.com


Sundays are for brunch and mimosas! Don’t have a champagne flute at home? No problem! There’s nothing wrong with having a mimosa in a wineglass!


Not having a margarita glass at home shouldn’t stop you from margarita night! Rim your wineglasses with some salt and pour in the margaritas! This is one of our favorite drinks to drink from a wineglass.

snowball cocktail in a wineglass

Serve snowballs in a wineglass! Photo Credit: https://mixthatdrink.com


This cocktail deserves more attention than it gets! The next time you think about having a cocktail party at home, make sure snowballs are on the list – and that you serve them in a stemmed or stemless wineglass.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Drink from a Wineglass

milkshake wineglass

How beautiful are these milkshakes in a wineglass?! Photo Credit: Sarah Jane


Milkshakes in a wineglass are always a great idea! Try Sarah Jane’s recipe for a healthy strawberry milkshake. Make it extra fun and enjoy through a stainless steel straw. Wineglasses and stainless steel straws may seem like a strange combination, but trust us, it’s extra fun – but only when you’re using unbreakable wineglasses.

Milk in a winegalss

Kids love to feel fancy while drinking their milk. Photo Credit: Canadian Living


If you find it tough to get your kids to drink milk, try serving it in a wineglass. Worried about the glass? Go with an unbreakable wineglass! If you’re up for something super fun, try adding sprinkles to the rim. If you’re planning on doing this with the kids, we suggest using unbreakable wineglasses!


You know you need to drink more of it, but sometimes it’s hard to actually do it. Drinking water from a wineglass is a lot more fun. It’s also a great idea to serve water in wineglasses during dinner parties.

unbreakable stemless wineglasses with smoothies

Stemless wineglasses are a favorite for many regular smoothie drinkers. These are unbreakable stemless wineglasses.


If you’re a smoothie a day kind of person, chances are you’ve already used a stemless wineglass for your morning smoothie. If not, jump on the bandwagon! A smoothie in stemless wineglass makes for a picture perfect morning.


Orange, pineapple, cranberry – juice is the perfect drink to drink from a wineglass! The bright colors in a wineglass will look fabulous in your Instagram feed.

As you can see from this list of drinks to drink from a wineglass, just about anything goes! You can use a wineglass for any lukewarm to cold drink. Cheers to that.

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