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The Wine Glass Your Cat Can’t Break!

If you’re a cat lover, then you know immediately why cat-proof wine glasses are something ah-mazing. Every cat lover knows how much those adorable cats and kittens love to knock things over. If you leave something on a countertop or table, be prepared for Fluffy to give it a double-tap and push it right over the edge!

Why Cats Knock Things

The reason cats knock things over the edge is (probably) that they’re checking to see if it’s something alive. What if that glass of wine turns out to be a mouse in disguise? They’ve got to check! And if it is…they’ll be all over it for the hunt!

After shattering glass #1, your cat probably knows a wine glass isn’t a mouse. So why does she still keep knocking things over? Could be out of boredom or for attention (come on, Kitty! There are lots of less destructive things you can do to get our eyes on you!). Either way, you can’t stop kitty from pushing stuff over the edge.

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Curious cat is ready to strike again!

Cats and Wine Glasses

How many times have you been on your hands and knees sweeping up every last sliver of a broken glass knocked down by the cat? Sure, glasses aren’t the only thing they knock over…but they are one of the hardest to deal with. Cleaning up broken glass is not easy.

Cat-Proof Wine Glasses

If you love your cat (and we know you do) but you want to keep your sanity and your glass of wine (we know you want that too ), then your best bet is to invest in some cat-proof wine glasses. What’s that you say? Unbreakable wine glasses that will bounce or roll rather than shatter when it hits the floor – even if you have marble or slate floors.

Yes, they’re real.

Cat-proof wine glasses are a cat-lovers dream. Your cat may go in for the kill, but the glass will stay in one piece. The contents of the glass, however, may not. But at least you won’t be spending the rest of the night hunting for hidden slivers of glass or worrying about missing one!

Keep it Classy.

Just because you want cat-proof glasses doesn’t mean you’re ready to sacrifice style and class. Tritan glasses are the answer. Tritan is a plastic material that is crystal clear. Tritan glasses are the best of both worlds: elegant and durable. Who knew one glass could be both of those things at one time?!

Here’s where things get even better: you can cat-proof all your essential glassware!

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