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Bottle Cap Crafts that Even the Un-Craftiest Person Will Want to Do!

The next time you pop open a beer, don’t toss the cap. Start collecting them and pretty soon you’ll have enough to do some way cool bottle cap crafts. Here are some of our favorite DIY bottle cap projects.

Cute Beer Bottle Cap  & Wine Cork Bird House

Your feathered friends will thank you for your love of wine and beer. Save a few dozen corks and bottle caps and you’re set to make this adorable birdhouse. As far as bottle cap crafts go, we’d say this one is a win! If you don’t want to make your own, just buy from this Etsy seller.

Bottle Cap Tray

Bottle cap crafts don’t always turn out gifting qualify – but this tray is certainly something you can make and give as a present. For full instructions on how to make your own, see Ana White.

diy bottle cap crafts - tray

Photo Cred: Ana White

Bottle Cap Signs

Add a little flair to your kitchen or bar with a bottle cap sign. Don’t want to DIY? Buy one from this talented Etsy seller.

DIY beer sign beer bottle cap crafts

Photo Cred: Martinillo on Etsy

Bottle Cap Mirror

As far as bottle cap crafts go, this one is a lot of fun – and useful. Frame a mirror with a bottle cap border. You can reflect on your love for beer. Sorry, bad pun! Save time and skip the crafting by getting this bottle cap mirror on Etsy.

Awesome Bottle Cap Countertops

If you’ve been saving your bottle caps for say, forever, you can turn them into a very cool countertop. If you’re really crafty you can work in a pattern or even a scenic picture by the way you lay out the bottle caps. For more information on how to do this awesome bottle cap project, see Imgur.

diy bottle cap craft countertops

Taking the bottle cap craft to the next level – these DIY countertops are brilliant!

Bottle Cap Crafts: Endless Ideas

As long as you use your imagination, there are endless bottle cap crafts to be done! One thing to keep in mind: most bottle cap crafts require bottle caps that are in tip-top shape. Most bottle openers scratch or dent the caps…but there’s one that doesn’t. Pop the Top Bottle Opener pops the top off without damaging the caps at all.

Get Pop the Top bottle opener for perfect bottle cap crafting!

Bottle Cap Crafts