Jaw-Dropping Bottle Cap Art You Have to See!

If you love a good beer or organic soda, then you’ve popped open a fair share of bottles. Instead of throwing away those old bottle caps, why not create some amazing bottle cap art? Here are some really cool ideas for upcycling those old bottle caps.

Backyard Bottle Cap Art

Collect a bunch of bottle caps and turn it into a beautiful mosaic mural on your backyard fence like this one featured on Happily Haverland.┬áIf you’re using metal bottle caps, be sure to spray the final work with some rust-proof sealer after you’ve finished to be sure your artwork can weather any storm.

bottle cap art backyard

Photo Credit: Happily Haverland

Eclectic Bottle Cap Swirls

These swirls are easy and fun. The best part is that there is no “right” answer for how to make them. Use your own creativity and whatever bottle caps you have available to make your own masterpiece. You can even make these bottle cap swirls on fabric instead of wood or canvas. For more cool ideas check out A Quilter by Night.

Bottle Cap Art - Swirls

Photo Credit: A Quilter by Night

Bottle Cap Art Portraits

These remind us of those cool pixel mosaic art, only instead of newspaper clippings or other images, the pixels are made up of bottle caps. Use a photo to guide your colors and then create! Check out this cool piece on Apartment Therapy.


bottle cap art portrait

Photo Cred: Apartment Therapy

Bottle Cap “Tile” Flooring

If you are really up for a challenge that will ‘wow’ every guest that steps foot in your house, then this is one project you might want to tackle. It will definitely take a lot of planning, a lot of patience – and a lot of bottle opening! But as you can see, bottle cap floor art can be quite impressive! See how to do it on Home Talk.

bottle cap art floors

Photo Cred: Coraline Jones on Home Talk


One important element of good bottle cap art is making sure that you use undamaged bottle caps. The best way to leave bottle caps untarnished is with the right bottle cap opener. Check out Pop the Top – this amazing automatic bottle cap opener is crucial to a good piece of bottle cap art.



bottle cap art bottle opener