We boat to have a good time.
Some might say too good of a time…

Once we get out to sea or in the middle of the lake, we put the music on, people start dancing and drinks start flowing. It’s the ideal way to spend an afternoon.

That is, until someone breaks a glass. And trust me, someone almost always breaks a glass.

And what do you do when you’re in the middle of the water?


  • The whole mood on the boat changes – the party stops 🙁
  • Everyone struggles to figure out how to clean up the mess
  • People worry about stepping on broken glass
  • Worse yet, someone is short a glass!

Anyone who has ever been on a boat knows there are a lot of nooks, crannies and crevices for broken glass to hide in! Finding all that glass and making sure it doesn’t come back to haunt you on another boat trip is pretty difficult!

So what are the options?

The Disposable Red Cup?

At first, we decided to replace all our boating glassware with basic disposable red cups…you know the ones. But the truth is, boating is a sophisticated pastime and red plastic cups just don’t fit the occasion.

  • They don’t look as nice
  • They taste and feel weird – especially with wine or alcohol
  • Plastic cups rip and tear
  • They’re too flexible, increasing the chance of spills

Just when we thought we were out of drinkware options for our boating days, we made a discovery.

One day we went boating with friends of ours. He poured us a drink and handed us a glass. At first, I thought it was a real glass.
“We stopped using glass on our boat,” I told him, “It’s too hard to clean up.”
“Oh, this isn’t real glass,” he said.

I took a closer look – and he was right. It wasn’t glass; it just looked like glass.

And that’s when I learned:

Unbreakable Glasses are a boater’s best friend!

I’m so glad I found these! They are:

  • Crystal clear & classy – perfect for maintaining sophistication
  • Fit perfectly – nuzzle them into your boat drink holders.
  • Virtually indestructible – never see a shard of glass aboard!
  • BPA-Free & EA-Free – safe and won’t leach!
  • Smooth Rims – Feel good on your lips!
  • Dishwasher safe – easy clean up

The only time you’ll worry about broken glass is when you break that bottle of champagne during the naming ceremony!

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Fit in cup holders.

“These are fabulous for any kind of cold drink. We use them on the boat where they safely rest in a cup holder. They look nice and feel good to hold!”

Elegant, I bought 2 sets!

Really nice and elegant looking, I love them so much that I bought for the house and my boat.”

Perfect for my boat

These glasses are perfect for boating. Unbreakable, yet that look like regular glasses! Love the quality.”
-David Brash

A Boaters Guide to Drinking at Sea

Boat drinking is almost a sport of its own. Almost as soon as the boat is out on the water, it’s time to pull out the wineglasses and crack open a bottle!  Disclaimer: you should never drink and drive a boat. It’s unsafe, not to mention a federal offense.

Wine: the drink of choice for boaters!

While everyone has their own drink preference, wine is one of the most popular drinks to enjoy on a boat. There’s no such thing as the “right” wine to drink on a boat, though white or rosé wines seem to be the most preferred.

What kind of glass do you use on a boat?

If you’re a boat drinker, you might when it comes to glasses, there are only two choices: drink good wine from a terrible red cup or drink good wine as it should be drunk—from a wineglass—and run the risk of it breaking while the boat sways from side to side.

Option A: The Disposable Red Cup

Boating is a sophisticated pastime and red plastic cups just don’t fit the occasion. Plus, the taste of that cheap plastic ruins the taste of your wine.

Option B: The Wineglass

Of course you want to drink wine from a real wineglass…but we’re on a boat. The movement of a boat and glass don’t mix well. Cleaning up shards of glass while ashore is hard enough. Add the swaying of a boat into the mix – no thank you!

The third (and best) option for boat drinking: Unbreakable Wineglass!

Say goodbye to the disposable plastic cups and the glass wineglasses. Say hello to TaZa unbreakable wineglasses– a boater’s best friend!

Whether you have a need for speed or you’re just chilling in the middle of the water, TaZa unbreakable wineglasses are ready for your next boating adventure. You can toss, drop, kick, or knock a TaZa wineglass and you’ll still never see a shard of glass aboard!

Unbreakable wineglasses are the best investment you can make for your boating days!

Keep things classy with crystal clear, TaZa unbreakable wineglasses.

With TaZa, the only time you’ll have to worry about broken glass is when you break that bottle of champagne across the boat during the naming ceremony!

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