FUn ways to serve dessert

5 Fun Ways to Serve Dessert

Desserts are the fun part of any meal. Sweet cakes, baked fruit pies, creamy custards and trifle – it’s the course which tops off any evening, the icing on the cake. But it’s even better when you use fun ways to serve dessert.

If you’ll excuse the terrible puns, one thing that desserts can lack is a little dusting of uniqueness. With just a tiny bit of effort, you can make this enjoyably indulgent course even more entertaining for your guests, family, partner, or just when treating yourself!

The first bite is with the eye, and with these fun serving suggestions your desserts will be a popular talking point for some time to come.

Try these fun ways to serve dessert:

1.  Dip Dyed Cupcakes

Cool Cupcake cups

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Let’s start with an easy one.

Making cupcakes is simple, and you can come up with some great colourful displays, but a real way to set them apart is to decorate the cupcake liners themselves. It’s quick, effective, and will add a great touch to any serving. What’s more, it’s extremely inexpensive, music to most people’s ears when serving to large numbers of guests.

Making dip dyed cupcake liners is simple.

  • First, lay down some newspaper on your kitchen counter or table before beginning.
  • Choose which colour you would like. These are made from food colourings which can be bought from any supermarket or store baking section. These usually come in three varieties: Red, Blue, and Green. You can experiment with these colours by mixing them together. Watering down red colouring can give a pink look to the cupcake liners while mixing blue and red can create a vibrant purple.
  • Once you have mixed up your food colouring in a bowl, simply place the cupcake liners face down in the mixture for a second.
  • Carefully remove the liner and wipe off any excess dye.
  • You can experiment with dying the bottom of the cupcake liner as well, and for those who are really adventurous, you can put the food colouring of your choice into your cupcake mix so that the cakes compliment the dyed cupcake liners.


2. Shot Glasses

Unique Panna Cota Dessert

(Photo courtesy of Bizbash)

 Using a shot glass is one of the fun ways to serve dessert. Serving desserts in a shot glass has become increasingly popular and can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. They can be made bright and colourful, and can also be served in different varieties making the experience more memorable.

To create your shot glass desserts there are two approaches, solid and liquid.

  • A solid shot glass dessert could be something like colored jelly, placed into the glass and then set in a fridge. This can then be topped off with a layer of cream or custard; simple and yummy!
  • Liquids can also be used. For example, a shot glass with thick, creamy strawberry milk can be topped off with crumbled cookies or chocolate. Tall shot glasses can accommodate more and even allow for a spoon. A great example would be panna cotta with a small flavored macaron wedged into the top of the glass. Delicious and unforgettable.


3. Goodie Bags

Goodie bag ideas

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Remember being a kid and going to a party, getting your goodie or doggy bag and diving into the sweets and surprises inside?

Well, who says you need to be a kid! A candy store motif for your desserts will go down a treat with your guests, what’s more, there’ll be no washing of dishes required. Anything which cuts down on the clean up after a meal is a good thing!

You can use any bag, but it’s always a nice idea to try to emulate the look of a candy store. Ordering transparent plastic candy bags is inexpensive and if you want that extra finishing touch you can print off labels with your guest’s names on them, or even the title of your celebration.

But what to put in the bags? What makes a goodie bag so enjoyable is variety. Yes, you could have one type of candy inside, but a variety of treats is always more adventurous. Doughnuts, mini meringues and other smaller cakes are perfect for this.

They really are a lot of fun and when done correctly can add a unique flavor to an already great night.


4. Jar Desserts

Mason Jar Uses

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Jar desserts are exactly that, desserts in a jar! Jar desserts are especially beautiful when you want to serve a layered dessert. The visuals are fantastic and the options available to you are unlimited. You can even include a lid for the jar, letting your guests unscrew their desserts. Very quirky.

Jar desserts are easy to put together. First, of course, you’ll need some jars: standard jam jars are the perfect size for your delicious creation.

Jar desserts are about one thing, layers!

Because the jars are transparent, it’s a great opportunity to make them look incredible; full of color and variety. Here are some ideas to make jar desserts fun, colorful and beautiful:

  • A simple layered trifle of sponge cake, fruit, jelly and whipped cream will look and taste fantastic. It is inexpensive and easy to make.
  • Cake in a jar is another option, with warm frosting and cool whipped cream to delight your guests. You can even put birthday candles in on the top!
  • Strawberry shortcake in a jar is easy, just crumble the biscuit base in first and top it off with the creamy layering and then strawberries or fruit of your choice.

Use your imagination. Jar desserts are one of the fun ways to serve dessert.


5. Classy Glasses

Salad Ideas

Photo by TaZa!

If you want to combine quirky with a touch of class, a dessert served in a beautiful wine or cocktail glass is always a real crowd pleaser.

This perfect serving method has all the benefits of using a jar – displaying eye-catching layers etc. – but maintains a real level of sophistication.

You can serve anything you want in it, but a cute visual gag is to serve a dessert which resembles a wine in color, a basil strawberry lemonade granitas, for example; or how about a tasty fruit salad?

The only major consideration with serving dessert to your guests in a glass is that using spoons could chip the glass, which is a real problem if you are using quality wine glasses. A great way to avoid this is to use unbreakable wine and cocktail glasses such as those offered by Taza. They are dishwasher friendly, will not crack or chip, and emulate the stunning look of a real wine glass without the anxiety of glass chips.


Let Your Imagination Run Wild!

Unique Dessert Ideas

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Making desserts is all about having fun with your guests and loved ones and ending your evening on a sweet note.

Have any of your own fun ways to serve dessert? We’d love to hear them! Share them by leaving a comment on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.