delicious sweets infused with cocktails

5 Delicious Healthy Sweets Infused With Cocktails

No matter how much you eat, there’s always room for a mouth-watering dessert. If you’re a sweet tooth, you realize how crucial it is to have that last bite of every dessert. What’s even better is a delicious dish infused with your favorite alcohol. Whether it’s tequila, vodka, or even bourbon, you can find every cocktail-inspired dessert recipe. Along with the taste, the recipes include a drool-worthy taste of alcohol mixed with creamy delight and appealing nature. Such desserts are a great way to take your food game to the next level. So, you must try out these creative recipes to satisfy your booze cravings and the sweet tooth inside you.

Keep reading to know the top five healthy sweet dishes mixed with ecstatic cocktails that will surely have you craving for more.

Banana Split With Cracker Rim

If you’re someone who loves banana-flavored drinks, then this recipe is the right one for you. Embellished with the creamy taste of banana shake, this dessert will surely satisfy your taste buds. Along with the crushed bananas, it also contains the flavor of rum. For all those who need a banana flavored cocktail dessert, the banana split can be the best choice. All you need to do is prepare the dessert with authentic ingredients. Not only will this prove to be appetizing, but it also fulfills both the booze as well as sweet cravings.

Recipe : 

Grab some bananas and crush them thoroughly. Add 2-3 cups of rum and mix both the ingredients. You can also add vanilla extract to transform the flavor a bit. Further, make sure to blend the cocktail with bananas for as long as 5 minutes. This imparts the right taste to the drink and makes it worth consuming. Serve the drink in liquor glasses topped up with crackers. If you don’t want the dessert to be entirely cracker flavored, just cover the rim with the same.

Vanilla Cherry Shake With Bourbon

The vanilla flavor never fails to appeal to our taste buds. And, what could be better than a vanilla-flavored dessert with bourbon-infused in it? This astonishing dessert option is best suitable for the vanilla lovers who don’t mind tasting a hint of cherry. Also, the dish makes the best dessert option with a bit of alcohol. You don’t have to consume the bourbon with your meal or dessert anymore. All you need to do is prepare the vanilla cherry shake and top it up with branded bourbon. This classy drink will surely make you remember the famous cocktail from Manhattan.

Recipe :

For this milkshake, you require around 3-4 ingredients. Start with half a cup of milk and add half a cup of vanilla ice cream into it. Take a few cherries and crush them inside the jar. Further, drizzle some chocolate syrup and mix everything well. Lastly, complete the recipe by adding half an ounce of bourbon to the jar. Serve the mouth-watering milkshake in your favorite glass and sprinkle a few chocolate chips. Also, don’t forget to try out different bourbon flavors to find out the right one for this dish.

Tequila Infused Bloody Marias

Here’s the most sought after drink that the tequila lovers truly adore. Bloody mary has always been on the top of the best mocktails. But, now, you can transform that non-alcoholic drink into your favorite cocktail within seconds. After a few experiments, we have found out that tequilas work best with this drink. The flavor, after adding some tequila, turns out to be highly spicy, refreshing, and perfect when coupled up with meals. You will also find a hint of sweetness in this drink due to the tomatoes and chopped radish. One of the best tequila options for this drink is the don julio collection of imported alcohol.


It is the best dairy-free cocktail option for the lactose-intolerant foodies out there. All you need is don julio’s famous tequila, tomato, and lime juice. Mix it up with black pepper, celery sauce, and chopped radish for the sweet taste. You can also add up a little spice by mixing extra hot sauce and black pepper. Overall, the drink is a mixture of spices and sweetness. It will surely leave you wanting for more and astonishingly appetize your buds.

Martini With Chocolatey Touch

If you’re looking out for an amazing cocktail drink option to add up in your party menu, then chocolate martini is the right drink. Infused with the creamy taste of the dense chocolates and the lightness of alcohol, it is surely the best sweet cocktail choice. What makes the drink even better is the rim filled with chocolate chips and candy garnish at the top. Also, you can choose the texture of your drink. If you want a heavy one, go for dense chocolates. But, for a simple cocktail, you would want to add up light chocolates.

Recipe :

Grab some chocolate liqueur and add one or two ounces of vodka to it. Garnish the drink with chocolate chips and liquid chocolate. Also, enhance the presentation by covering the rim of your glass with powdered chocolate or candy flavors.

Chocolate Mint Delight With Vodka

Are you a fan of the mint chocolate flavor infused with a similar flavor of vodka? If yes, then it’s about time to change your cocktail preferences. Chocolate mint delight makes an amazing dessert cum cocktail option for all the mint lovers. Also, this drink is light on the alcohol and suitable for parties as well as dinner dates. All you need for this drink is some whipped cream, white chocolate, mint flavor and a few ounces of fine vodka. Serve it with ice and chocolate garnishing for an even better taste.

Recipe :

Just gather some cream, mint flavor, chocolate, and vodka. Further, mix them well in a jar or choose a shaker for the same. Shake the items together for a good 5 minutes before pouring the drink into your favorite glass. Embellish the rim with cocoa and mint extract to bring out the best of the drink. Lastly, pair it up with your favorite chocolate and enjoy the weekend nights on a good note.

Bottom Line

When it comes to dessert, nobody can say no to it. There’s always room for a good dessert that will make your taste buds fully satisfied. If you wish to experiment with your drinks with dessert, then there are innumerable ways to do so. You can create your favorite desserts infused with cocktails based on the alcohol choice. Whether it’s bourbon or martini, we have got you covered up in every type.

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