10 Things for Mom to Do Now that the Kids are Back to School

Finally, the kids are going back to school. Not that we don’t love them, but they sure can be a handful over the summer! But once they are back into their routine, what about us? What about the moms who have to readjust to not having to look after the kids throughout the day? I call this the post-summer holiday blues. But there’s no need to stay down, the best way to adjust to a big change is to embrace it, meet it head on, and find things to occupy your time, some constructive, some just plain fun!

With this in mind, let’s take a look at 10 things for mom to do now that the kids are in school.

1. Let’s Do Lunch!

Eat lunch with the ladies

Time to Catch Up (Photo Courtesy of Suggested Keyword.com)

Who doesn’t like getting together with their friends for a nice lunch in a cafe or restaurant (perhaps a little cheeky glass of red while you’re there), it certainly beats cooking for yourself and the minions. Now that the kids are back at school you have a great opportunity to go out during the day,  have a nice bite to eat and catch up with some of your friends. I promise you, they need to relax too. You might even feel like calling the ladies to your house for a nice or even just an afternoon dessert and wine session.


2. Enjoy a Bath or Shower

Take a relaxing bath

Soak Away Those Blues  (Courtesy of Visiteatstay.com)

Might seem odd, but think about it: when was the last time you really enjoyed a nice long soothing bath or invigorating shower? I doubt you had much time for one when the kids were running around everywhere during the summer holidays. Time to relax and embrace the quiet for a while. Enjoy the shower or bath during the day, because when the rest of the family gets home you’ll probably not get the opportunity.


3. Stuff Your Face

Eat what you want

No One’s Looking. Honest… (Photo Courtesy of TZCoaching.com)


Responsible parenting is a great endeavor, but when you can’t enjoy all those cakes, chocolates, and sweets, without the kids asking if they can have one, it’s probably best to abstain when around them. Not any longer, have that slice of chocolate cake or those chips. There’s no one around to know, and… Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me 😉


4. Take it All in

feel free, take it all in

The World is a Beautiful Place (Photo Courtesy of deborahking.com)

The summer is not yet done, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet,  and it makes you want to move those dancing feet. Go out there, walk by a river, down a street, through a park – enjoy being able to stroll around at your own pace without worrying about the little ones. It will improve your sense of well-being and it’s good for your health too.


5. Let’s Roll…

Have a leisurely drive

The Horizon Awaits (Photo Courtesy of m.inmagine.com)

There is nothing quite like going on a little adventure. You have the time, so why not go for a drive. Where have you wanted to visit, that’s within driving distance, but always put it off? It’s time to pack a lunch and hit the road then. Got no destination? Then enjoy driving around listening to music and watching the world around you – although, obviously keep your eyes on the road :p


6. Blissfully Shop

Go shopping

So Many Choices! (Photo Courtesy of Scottpageazyoga)


Yes, that’s right, you can go shopping now; and we’re not talking about the type of shopping which involves just trying to pick up some necessities without your kids wandering off to the toy aisle; we’re talking proper shopping. Take a trip into town or to your nearest mall. Treat yourself to something nice; go on, you deserve it after looking after the kids all summer.


7. Sleep

Have a well rested sleep

Snoozing, Uninterrupted: Heaven!  (Photo Courtesy of Susanbelisle)


One of my favorite pastimes, and now the kids are back at school you can catch up on any hours lost; or maybe you’re just like me and like to sleep even when you’re not tired. A nice relaxing afternoon nap can now be had without being woken up to find one of your children has poured ketchup over the couch.


8. Learn a Thing or Three

Read and learn something new

What Happens Next? (Photo Courtesy of TVC)


When you’re a parent during the holidays it can be difficult finding the time to explore new ideas and increase your horizons. Now that you have a little space, why not put it to good use? You could sign up for an online course, learn a language, or perhaps even just pick up a book and learn something about life through the eyes of characters you love.


9. Turn on the TV

Watch some TV for me time

Me Time! (Photo Courtesy of Huffington Post)

Grab a glass of your favourite drink, a snack, and plop down in front of the TV. Sure, too much TV isn’t good for you, but really, surely a little bit wouldn’t hurt, right? Now you can catch up with all those shows you love but couldn’t get to sit through an entire episode of without sorting out a disagreement between the kids. It’s you time, so relax and watch what you want to watch now the house is quiet.


10. Miss The Little Angels (Or Devils)

Miss you kids while they are in school!

I Wouldn’t Change a Thing (Photo Courtesy of Billdorfmndds)


Who are we kidding; it’s great to have some space, but you’ll spend time missing your children during the day. The place was so much more vibrant, alive, hectic, stressful, and fun when they were around. But trust me, when the next holidays roll around you’ll wish you had this free time.