TaZa will outsell your current shatterproof wine glass option.

Inviting Packaging

Let’s face it–people are drawn to things that look good, and our packaging might as well be a magnet! Our fresh designs make people feel like the party’s started even before they’ve put the box in their cart. Appeals to men and women, young, old and everything in between.


We’re not the only shatterproof glasses around, but we are the only one that feels sturdy enough to keep for more than one use. Unlike other plastic wineglasses in the market, guests won’t accidentally throw away a TaZa™ glass thinking it’s a one-wine wonder. TaZa glasses are made to last and it’s obvious.

Made of Tritan™

BPA-Free Tritan™ is engineered to be better. Better than glass. Better than stainless. Better than any other plastic.
And Tritan™ doesn’t contain BPA, BPS or any other bisphenols. Products made with Tritan plastic are clear, durable, safe and stylish. The superiority of Tritan has been clearly proven by third-party labs and the quality is clearly loved by our customers.

Wrapped in Paper

Being eco-friendly means saying no to single-use plastics. That’s why we wrap each glass in paper rather than one time use plastic bags.

Smooth Rims

Attention to detail is what makes all the difference. With TaZa™ glasses you’ll feel that difference right on your lips–our smooth rims make for a comfortable drinking experience.

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