Put an end to Single-use Plastic

Plastic is a part of our everyday life, and that’s not about to change any time soon.

However, you can still choose products that are smart.
TaZa smart.

Smarter Plastic. Greener Earth.

Can we really justify using a plastic cup for a total of 30 minutes only to have it remain as trash on earth for 500 years?

As a society, we are smarter than that.


TaZa is committed to preserving the beauty of our Earth
by reducing single-use plastics.

TaZa Smart

TaZa™ glasses are made from 100% Tritan plastic, designed to withstand life for repeated use. Every time you choose to use a TaZa glass instead of a disposable cup, you’re making a choice to reduce waste, conserve oil, and preserve our climate. You are choosing to a reusable cup rather than hundreds or even thousands of single-use cups that will ultimately wind up in landfills.

Every time you choose, choose to do good!

Find out more about Tritan Plastic

Choose reusable over single-use.

#ThinkTaZa and choose smarter.


Produce Less Trash

Every piece of plastic that you use will remain on planet earth for somewhere between 90-1000 years, depending on the thickness. With each single-use plastic, you’re taking away from the beauty of this earth bit by bit.

Reduce Oil Consumption

With each single-use plastic, you use a product that required oil not only to make it but also to transport it. Oil is a non-renewable, precious resource. That means when it’s gone, it’s gone.

Benefit your self and the earth

Our little habits are who we are, what we believe and what our priorities are. It doesn’t feel good to use something once and throw it out. Out of sight is not out of mind. Make enjoying this beautiful Earth one of your priorities.

Lower greenhouse gases

Factories emit greenhouse gases that are leading to a climate crisis. Single-use plastics mean more production which means more greenhouse gases. The more single-use plastics you use, the quicker the climate crisis will occur.

TaZa’s commitment to end single-use plastic

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    No plastic bags

    We choose to wrap each glass in paper rather than single-use plastic bags.

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    Dishwasher Safe

    Reuse your glasses and straws over and over. Do away with hosting parties with cheap disposable plastics.

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    Minimal packaging

    We use paper as our packaging. We do not use styrofoam, plastics, or other unnecessary waste.

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    High quality for high use

    We make products to withstand daily use, by kids and adults. High quality materials are worth your peace of mind.

There’s more good news:
Everything in your TaZa box is recyclable!

By saying NO to single-use plastics, you are saying YES
to a GREENER, CLEANER Planet Earth.