A Glass is an accident waiting to happen!

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  • Do you dread the piercing sound of shattering glass and the stifling silence that follows?
  • Do you have a stash of ugly, red plastic cups that you are too embarrassed to use?
  • Do you hate throwing away disposable cups, but can’t bring yourself to wash more dishes?
  • Are you fearful that you may drop a glass?
  • Do you cringe every time a child reaches for a glass?
  • Does the sound of crackling plastic cups drive you mad?
  • Do you want glasses that look like glass without the worry of breaking?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions,

we can solve your cup woes!

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broken wineglass never clean up

Crystal Clear Wine GlassesCrystal Clear & Totally Shatterproof

Fool the rest of your company, but never disrupt a good time with a broken glass again. Perfectly shaped for wine, cocktails, juice or water.


No Bubble Bottom

No “Bubble Bottom”

Our  strict ‘no bubble bottom’ policy prevents the cheap plastic look, so you can tip more bottoms up in style. A smooth bottom makes you look good!


smooth rims on cocktail glasses Smooth Rims

Standard plastic glasses have uncomfortable rims. TaZa rims are smooth. Save your lips for better things.

BPA Free wine glasses100% BPA-Free & EA Free

You shouldn’t have to worry about chemicals leaching in your drink. We don’t have tolerance for that junk-and you shouldn’t either. Our USA-Tritan™ is some of the safest, most durable plastic used.


Dishwasher Safe

Dishwasher Safe

Your TaZa would love to be fondled in a warm soapy bath by your loving hands. However, we made them dishwasher safe.


Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

We love these glasses, you’ll love these glasses, people love these glasses and so do finicky kids.

Buy TaZa Wineglasses
TaZa strip

TaZa strip


Impressive & Classy!

Joely Smith“I will use them for years. I even dropped them to see if they’d break. No breaks, no scratches even!

— Joely Smith

My Favorite Wine Glass!

Delina-Sorells2“I no longer have to worry about my kids knocking over my glass and breaking it.”

-Delina Sorrels

Fancy enough for Company.

Enjolli-Collumns2“This is the best gift I have ever given myself.”

-Enjoli Collums

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